Rublev has mixed emotions after the defeat by Tsitsipas

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Rublev has mixed emotions after the defeat by Tsitsipas

Rublev has a great tournament behind him. In Monte Carlo, he managed to beat some big names, but unfortunately for him, Tsitsipas was better in the final. Rublev is happy for a well-played tournament, but in the end, he is sad about the defeat in the final.

Still, he admits that Tsitsipas was a better player and congratulated him on that. “I feel both things. I feel happy with the week, and I feel super sad with the final, that I couldn’t show the game, I couldn’t show fight, yeah, I didn’t win,” Rublev told the press after the final, as quoted by tennismajors “But, of course, I’m happy with the week because I beat so many great players.

I beat one of the best players in history. So, of course, anyway it’s a special week. Doesn’t matter the final”. “But still, of course, even more after the matches like this, you want to win the title.

Not always everything goes by your way. It’s happen today. I was completely exhausted. Stefanos, he showed great game. He was just better than me, and that’s it”.

ATP 500 Barcelona

Rublev now expects the ATP 500 tournament in Barcelona.

Interestingly, Tsitsipas took a wild card just before the match with Nadal “I mean, when I confirmed to play Barcelona, it was right before match with Rafa (smiling). I was thinking in my head that Friday probably I will be already in Barcelona,” Rublev added.

“But, I mean, I think I can play on Wednesday, so I have like two days off, which is more than enough. We’ll see how I will feel." "Yeah, I think everything is going to be okay because two days is more than enough to be ready.

Then I’m not playing nothing, I have only Masters”. Rublev will now have a great opportunity to win points, since there is nothing to defend. Injuries that previously prevented him from winning points will no longer be an obstacle.

“I mean, it’s my first tournament on clay and I did already final, my first final on Masters. It’s a great beginning. We’ll see. I hope I can show great game every week." "We’ll see what’s going to happen.

Now I have great opportunity because last two years I was injured during the clay court season, so I have nothing to defend. I have only big way to earn points. I will try to do my best”.