Rafael Nadal: Novak Djokovic is 'more obsessed' about all-time Grand Slam record

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Rafael Nadal: Novak Djokovic is 'more obsessed' about all-time Grand Slam record

Record 20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal believed that Novak Djokovic is more obsessed about the all-time Grand Slam record but underlined that he didn't mean it in a negative way. Nadal, 34, tied Roger Federer for the most Grand Slams captured after beating Djokovic in the French Open final last year.

At this year's Australian Open, Nadal made the quarterfinal, while Djokovic handed a straight-set defeat to Daniil Medvedev in the final to win his 18th Grand Slam title. "I enjoy what I am doing," Nadal told Metro UK.

"I am happy playing tennis. I am happy about being here in Monte Carlo [where he was beaten in the quarter-finals by Andrey Rublev] to play a great event again and, of course, I want to win more Slams, yes. No doubt about that.

"But I never get – I mean, Novak is more obsessed about this, more focused…’ he pauses for a moment before quickly shaking his hand and head, adding: "Not in a negative way. "No, he’s more focused on just these things and it means a lot to him all of this stuff.

Like he’s always saying and talking about these records and well done for him… but it’s not my approach to my tennis career."

Nadal says he has a 'healthy ambition'

The next Grand Slam scheduled to take place is the French Open.

Nadal will once again enter the tournament as the top favorite to win it all and there is a good chance he will capture his 21st Grand Slam and his 14th French Open title this year. However, Djokovic will enter the French Open with the same goal as the Serb will be hoping to win his second title at Roland Garros this season.

"I have a healthy ambition," Nadal said. "Of course, I am ambitious, if not I would never be in the position I am today but I have probably a different kind of ambition than him, for example. I just keep going, keep doing what I’m doing and just try to put myself in a position to keep enjoying the tour and, of course, try to achieve as much as possible.

"I am super satisfied about the career I’m having. Not today, I was super satisfied years ago already but I am not making a step back in motivation because of that. I don’t get frustrated if I am losing one tournament, I am trying to approach the thing in a different way."