Monte Carlo champion Tsitsipas: "I felt like I deserved it."

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Monte Carlo champion Tsitsipas: "I felt like I deserved it."

Stefanos Tsitsipas won the tournament in Monte Carlo after defeating Rublev in the final. The Greek played great throughout the tournament and in the end, a good result had to come. “That is great,” Tsitsipas said of his No 1 status in the Race, as quoted by tennismajors “It’s just the beginning.

We still have plenty of tennis to be played this year. Great to be in the lead. I’m not trying to think of it too much because, again, many tournaments in front of me, ahead of me." "I’m going to try to recalibrate, refocus.

Attention is now in Barcelona. My body is feeling good, which is a good sign. I’m really pumped to go for some more points the next couple of weeks”. Tsitsipas believes he deserved this trophy given how hard he tried and how much he believed in himself.

“Whatever had to happen happened,” he said. “I stepped up my game, brought this good game, good tennis. I didn’t see (any) reason for me to leave from here without the trophy. I felt like I deserved it."

"I’ve put so much effort and so much concentration into it. Definitely something that I deserve. More opportunities like this is going to show up and come up in the future, so I need to be ready to show my consistency and prevail with that”.

Tsitsipas vs Rublev

Stefanos also recalled the unfortunate match in Hamburg and the later meeting with Rublev at Roland Garros “It wasn’t easy coming into that Roland Garros match that I had to play against him,” he said.

“Things were difficult. But I think finding few potholes and executing the right game plan gave me a very important Roland Garros win. There was plenty for me to learn from there." “I’m expecting for him in our next battle to try and change things.

It hurts losing." "Definitely hurts losing even more in finals like this. I was very happy that I was able to produce such good quality of tennis today, kind of handle my emotions and all of my nerves the right way, which led to this incredible moment at the end”.

“We have a rivalry already,” Tsitsipas said of his battles with Rublev. “It’s building up. I don’t know what’s a rivalry, what’s considered a rivalry. What, 30 matches? We’re going to get there for sure if we play against each other so frequently.

I don’t see no reason for us not to be there. With the arrival of new players comes new rivalries. It is Rublev-Tsitsipas who could have a great rivalry in the future “I’m sure I’m going to have not just a rivalry with Andrey.

You see back 15 years ago, 10 years ago when Nadal and Federer built one." "I feel like in our circumstances, the way it’s going to be in this era, there are going to be much more rivalries than just one.

It won’t be singular." "Me with Zverev, me with Sinner, me with (Matteo) Berrettini. There are going to be a lot of rivalries out there. I think this variety that tennis is going to receive is going to make it really exciting”.