Rafael Nadal: "It’s hard to serve without confidence"

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Rafael Nadal: "It’s hard to serve without confidence"

Rafael Nadal surprisingly lost to Rublev in the semifinals of Monte Carlo. Throughout the match, Nadal failed to find the right rhythm and starts playing the way he knows how. He had especially big problems with the service, and he still does not know why he served so badly.

“For some reason I had problems with my serve,” -Nadal told after the match “I don’t understand why because I was not having problems on the practices at all. But today was one of these days that my serve was a disaster.

Serving like this, the serve creates an impact on the rest of the game." "When you serve with no confidence, you are just focus on try to serve, not think about how you want to play the ball. You just think about what you have to do with the serve to put the ball in.

Then you have problems continue and prepare the point the right way, no?”


It’s amazing how dedicated Nadal is to tennis considering his age. Nadal is in an age where most athletes would give up and not be as motivated as they used to be.

Still, Nadal does not lack motivation, moreover, he is still thirsty for trophies, which he has too many, but it seems that this is not enough for him. Given the problems with the service, the Spaniard believes that it is necessary to train and to put the greatest focus on the service “It’s not the moment to complain,” he said.

“When you are not able to do the things you had to do on the court, then is not the moment to complain after, no? The only thing that I can do is go to Barcelona and keep practicing, keep practicing, try to fix the things that didn’t work well”.

Nadal thinks that he did not play the way he knows how, but he still praised the opponent he believes was great and that he was extremely aggressive, which ultimately brought victory to Rublev. “I fighted, yeah,” he said.

“That’s the positive thing, I was there. But you can’t expect win against a player like him losing my serve I don’t know how many times, but too many. No chance like this." "Six, seven times? It’s too much.

He played well. That’s true. He played great. He played aggressive, as I knew. Well done for him. Happy for him. He’s a great guy. Wish him all the best”.