Rublev: "If I would let to show a bit of emotion, I would lose for sure"

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Rublev: "If I would let to show a bit of emotion, I would lose for sure"

After the victory over Nadal, Andrey Rublev found himself in the final of Monte Carlo, where he will play against Tsitsipas. Rublev played a fantastic tournament and managed to beat Bautista Agut as well. Rublev spoke openly about his emotions and feelings after the victory.

“I mean, I would say this week I am controlling really well my emotions,” Rublev said in his press conference on Friday, as quoted by tennismajors “At the end that’s the key." "Especially with Robert, if I would let to show a bit of emotion, I would lose for sure yesterday because he was winning with a break.

He had break points for second break." "Second set he was winning a double break. Third set I was up with a break and he come back. If I would show a bit emotion, for sure I would lose”. “Same thing today with Rafa.

If after the second set I would say something or if I would show emotions, for sure the third set will be over, will be 6-2 for him." "So I’m happy that I could handle it. The way I am, I’m very emotional.

I can go from zero to hundred. Next day can be completely opposite. That’s the thing I still need to learn and to improve, to learn how to be able to be like this most of the matches”.

Nadal wasn't at his level

Rublev believes that Rafa was not at the level he is at, but that he is still a big name and that it is a great success to beat him.

“If we look about like a player, Rafa, who is the best clay court player in history, then of course it’s one of my best victories for sure. Like him or Roger… But if you look at in a way from other side, how he feel, like for sure he didn’t play his even good level today”.

He thinks that it is not easy to deal with pressure when you are a great player like Nadal “In his position is so tough when people expect you’re the best player on clay and you have to win every time. You cannot lose on clay because you’re the best."

"It’s so tough to play with this feeling. Every time you have to play even great player, like Djokovic or someone else, people still expect Rafa to win because this is clay. It’s so tough to play every time with this feeling."

"He’s doing this year after year. He’s winning all the tournaments or going deep every time on clay tournaments. This is amazing how he handles this. That’s why he’s one of the legends."