Daniel Evans: "Djokovic left me waiting in the locker room and that annoyed me"

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Daniel Evans: "Djokovic left me waiting in the locker room and that annoyed me"

Daniel Evans made the biggest tennis surprise of the year by beating Novak Djokovic at the tournament in Monte Carlo. It is the first defeat of the best tennis player in the world this year. And, maybe everything would be different if the match started on time.

Namely, after the victory, Evans told the British media that the warm-up was late because of Djokovic and that it additionally "inflamed" him when they went out on the field. That seems to be exactly what Evans needed to come away with the win.

He lacked motive, he was aware of Djokovic's greatness but something was missing to give him extra strength. That's why maybe Evans played so well. "Djokovic left me waiting in the locker room and that annoyed me.

But it also motivated me, even more, when we went out on the field. I kept telling myself that it was a one-on-one duel and let's see who will win, "Evans said. He explained what tactics he used to beat tennis number one.

"My plan was to get him forward as much as possible. It was difficult for me because I could run much more than usual, but that is the price of a duel like this. He gave me some cheap points, so I was lucky. "

Biggest victory

The British tennis player does not hide his joy, aware that this is the biggest victory in his career.

"This is a triumph that I will talk about to my children and grandchildren, that I have beaten the best in the world. The key is to believe that you can really do it." "Not only do you say that, but you really have faith in yourself that you can master the best.

I am happy, satisfied with how I entered the match, how I played, although when you play against someone like Novak, you can never be one hundred percent sure of victory ", said Daniel Evans. Djokovic had only words of praise for Evans "He deserved to win.

He was a better player. Just more focused I guess and played with a better quality in the decisive moments." - Djokovic said, as quoted by atptour "This has been probably one of the worst matches and performances from my side I can recall in the [recent] years.

"Yesterday, I played [a] pretty good match I thought. Today, was completely the opposite of what I felt yesterday." "[It] was obviously very, very windy, tough to play in these kind of conditions against a guy like Evans who makes you move. He's very unpredictable with his shots. He dismantled my game." - Djokovic concluded