Officialy: Toni Nadal is the new coach of Auger Aliassime

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Officialy: Toni Nadal is the new coach of Auger Aliassime

Felix Auger-Aliassime has decided to make some changes in his career that could help him become a better player in the future. It's about the coach. Auger-Aliassime has decided that his new coach will be Toni Nadal. We all know very well who Toni Nadal is: he is uncle and former coach of Rafael Nadal, one of the biggest tennis stars This partnership could prove to be a good one, which is what Aliassime is also hoping for given the experience Toni Nadal has and of course the knowledge he possesses.

Aliassime is aware of how far he can progress under Nadal and he particulary appreciate his mental strength “The goal is to keep [the collaboration] going after the clay court, for the whole year,” he told reporters, as quoted by tennismajors “After that, maybe even more in the future, we’ll see.

I’m happy that he’s with me to start our partnership. “Why Toni Nadal? As a coach, it’s hard to find a better one, with the track record he’s had with his nephew. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the best, to see what I can do better to get to the next level, to just improve."

"In the end, that’s what’s important, to continue to become an even better player. That’s what I am trying to do with Toni. I really like the man before the coach, I like his mentality and his values.

It’s a pleasure to have him on my team”.


Aliassime revealed that he had talked to Nadal before and that he had tested their partnership and it turned out that they were working great together and that they could be an important tandem that will go for trophies.

“Frankly, from the very first days, it went very well, there was a good feeling,” said the Canadian. “We decided to continue”. In the 7 ATP Tour singles, Aliassime failed to win the coveted trophy, but given his age (20) it’s no wonder.

He has a great career ahead of him and with his experience, which he is already gaining, Aliassime could be a big tennis star. He has a predisposition for that. “Every week I would like to win,” he said. “I’ve been on the circuit for two or three years now and I’m getting more and more comfortable in each tournament.

I’ve already reached a few finals. I’d like to win a title, I’ll see when it comes." "I want to play good tennis. I don’t put any limits on myself for the tournaments to come”.