Will Rafael Nadal play the US Open and the Roland Garros?

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Will Rafael Nadal play the US Open and the Roland Garros?

Will Rafael Nadal play the US Open and the Roland Garros? The Spaniard reveals his uncertainty of his come back. Tennis season is ready to start again in early August after the long suspension caused by the global pandemic.

The new schedule is full of very close tournaments, among which the US Open, the Roland Garros and the Masters 1000 of Cincinnati, Rome and Madrid. After such a prolonged stop, players will have to be careful to dose their energies to avoid running into serious injuries, as well as having to get their body used to sudden surface changes.

Rafael Nadal was undoubtedly one of the most influenced by this break, but the former world number 1 knows well that he has the chance to match the eternal rival Roger Federer and his 20 Grand Slam titles. It will be interesting to understand if the Spanish champion decides to give up the trip to the United States to be 100% fit when the Roland Garros will start.

Rafael Nadal and John McEnore's statements

"It´s much easier to get a body ready for a 21 years-old, than a body of a 34 years-old," said Rafael Nadal, who then told: "That is 100 percent. But at the same time, a 34-year-old body and mind have much more experience than a body and mind of 21 years-old.

So I don´t know what´s going to happen. In general terms, it´s better for a young guy, because all this period of time that we lost, a young guy has plenty of time to recover. An older guy, in terms of `timing we lost the same amount of time, but in terms of perspective, it´s different.

Because losing a year at 34 or 36 or 33 years-old, is not the same as losing a year at 20 years-old, when you have all your career in front of you, "he added. Tennis legend John McEnroe, in an interview confessed that he is not sure that Nadal will compete in both the US Open and Roland Garros.

The Manacor champion has in fact never loved the sudden changes of surface because of his knees: "Rafa is the one you would think that might be a bit tricky for him to go from hard to clay-courts. That's not something he likes to do or has done very often."

There are also concerns that some players might choose to not participate in the US Open becaus and of the rising number of coronavirus cases in the US. The US Open will run from August 31st to September 13th on the hard courts of New York with the rescheduled French Open on clay taking place just a fortnight after.In between are Masters events in Madrid and Rome, both on clay-courts and also rescheduled from spring-time.