Rafael Nadal: "That's why I have a new yacht"

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Rafael Nadal: "That's why I have a new yacht"

19-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal, arguably the most important tennis player in the history of Spain, has revealed that he is proud to own the Sunreef 80 yacht. The Spaniard is a huge fan of the sea and has often talked about his great love for the sea, which brings him entertainment and leads him to relax when he comes home after weeks of work.

In the course of an interview with Forbes, the current number 2 in the world told about his passion for boating. Rafa also revealed why he decided to buy his boat and how going out to sea also helps his career as a professional tennis player: "I live on an island, it's part of the local lifestyle.

When you have your own boat, you decide when you go out. When you charter, you can't just choose to immediately go on a boat, instead when the boat is your property you wake up, have breakfast and say you know what, I want to spend the day out on the boat.

I can get away from stress in this way and it is very important to me, it helps me restore positive energy. This is something that helps me to move forward even in my tennis career, this is perhaps the thing I appreciate most in boating.

Of course, buying a boat is very expensive, so before making such a decision you have to think about it, but I think this is only good for my personal life. Also when you are still anchored, the stability the boat gives you is incredible.

You can always relax and even sleep, it's amazing. Sometimes it doesn't feel like you're on a yacht, it really feels like a home, it's amazing. 80 Sunreef Power is a yacht that you can use as a home." Rafael Nadal is preparing for the second half and in particular he wants to work carefully for the next Roland Garros where he is certainly the main favorite to win the tournament, after he decided to skip the US Open

Rafael Nadal will skip the US Open 2020!

Rafael Nadal will skip the US Open 2020. On his Twitter account the Spanish champion wrote: "After a language of reflection, I decided not to play the US Open this year. The situation in the world is very complicated, the cases of COVID-19 are increasing and it seems that we are not in control of the situation yet.

We know that this tight schedule is brutal after four months with no games, although I understand and am grateful for the efforts they are making to make everything happen. We have just been informed that Madrid will not be played this year.

I have the utmost respect for the USTA, the organizers of the US Open and the ATP for trying to keep the event going for the players and viewers. This is a decision that I never wanted to make but I decided to follow my heart this time, and for the moment I prefer not to travel."

w Rafael Nadal could come back for the Rome Masters 1000 at the end of September, in order to got the Roland Garros at the best of his shape. Nadal should also defend the title of the French Open in October.