Yatsyk on Karatsev: "If you follow football a little bit, he acted like Balotelli"

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Yatsyk on Karatsev: "If you follow football a little bit, he acted like Balotelli"

It's never too late. Ask Aslan Karatsev. At the age of 28, he managed to reach the semifinals of the Australian Open and thus became the tennis player with the lowest ranking who managed to do that in the last two decades, and before 6 days he also won the first ATP title by winning in Dubai.

Apart from people who follow tennis closely, many have never heard of him, but ... The Russian has now exploded and is no longer a secret weapon. Now everyone knows about him. By conquering Dubai, he became the third tennis player to win the ATP 500 tournament coming to the event with the help of a wild card.

And now he is among the 30 best tennis players in the world on the ranking list! The basic question is - where has he been so far? Well, life and behavior off the field had a big impact. His coach Yegor Yatsyk talked about that.

"He behaved like a small child for many years. He was not a professional, he was late for training sometimes. He once came to training with four rackets, three of which were broken." "I didn't expect that from a 24-, 25-year-old man.

If you follow football a little bit, he acted like Mario Balotelli," said Yatsyk.

Yatsyk on Karatsev

It is clear that there had to be some big turnaround for Karacev to succeed. "He needed a stronger approach, to be honest.

If he hadn't changed, he could have ended up playing tennis. I used harsh words, but he trusted me. He understood and listened. Many wouldn't listen, they just change their coaches, but he did listen. He has progressed and now we see the result, "says Yatsyk.

For many, this year 2021 is not very ideal, but for Karatsev 2021 is the best so far. "I am too touched to say anything more. I found the right coach, his name is Yegor Yatsyk and he is the right man for my career. He helped me a lot, more mentally, and later of course technically," said Karatsev.

. When the ATP Cup started this year, few of them knew about Karatsev. He was out of 100 on the ATP list, he never played in the main draw of the Grand Slam. But then Danil Medvedev had something to say about Karatsev "Aslan, I'm not kidding, was a secret weapon in doubles.

He is our secret weapon," Medvedev said at the time, although Karatsev is no longer a secret, but is a dangerous tennis weapon.