Medvedev: "The way Djokovic played, he’s definitely capable of catching 400 weeks."

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Medvedev: "The way Djokovic played, he’s definitely capable of catching 400 weeks."

Daniil Medvedev will achieve great success. He will be in 2nd place on the ATP list on Monday, and no one doubts that he could be number 1 in the future. Medvedev also commented on the success of his colleague, Djokovic, who broke Federer's record and managed to remain number 1 for 311 weeks.

“First of all, it’s an unbelievable achievement. For sure I think in the world of tennis we talk about Grand Slams more than anything else. But this is also a small competition, [and] I’m sure he’s really happy about it,” Medvedev said, as quoted by atptour “The way he’s played, he’s definitely capable of catching 400 weeks.

We’re going to try to not let him do this. “I didn’t manage to do anything in the Australian Open final, but that is what sport is about. Nobody is going to give him an easy pass, he’s going to have to earn it”.


Medvedev believes that Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are the "biggest" players in this sport, and that future tennis players will face a difficult task if they want to break their records. "As I’ve always said about the Big Three, they are unbelievable.

The records they have set [are] probably not going to be beaten maybe in 100 years,” Medvedev said. “It’s very rare that you see this in sports. I don’t think you can say that other players were not good enough in this era, it’s just that they were unbelievable and there’s nothing for others to be ashamed of”.

Federer returned from injury and managed to win. Medvedev commented on Federer's victory “As we were talking with some other players here, many, many players would go out on the court after more than one year not playing and he would lose two and two without being able to put two balls in a row in the court,” Medvedev said.

“He’s almost 40, didn’t play for one year and is still capable of winning matches. It’s amazing”. “I would definitely like to play Roger. He’s one of the three best in tennis history, it’s always great playing him,” Medvedev said.

“I lost three times, I was not at the level that I am right now. But it’s still Roger, so it would be nice to play a few matches against him. [It's] not only [about] winning, but every time you step out on the court against the Big Three, it’s a special feeling”.