Federer: "The race for the best is more important to Nadal and Djokovic than to me."

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Federer: "The race for the best is more important to Nadal and Djokovic than to me."

There has been a debate for a long time about who is the best tennis player in the world. Many former and current tennis players give an opinion, and no one but Roger Federer talked about everything. He will play in Doha after a long break, so he is closer to the media.

And they used that to question the Swiss on various topics. First, who will be GOAT? "I think it's a good, interesting debate. It's amazing what Novak and Rafa have been doing lately, they're not exactly 25 years old anymore, and they're able to win."

"Novak is in Australia again, Rafa is in Paris again. It seems like "They're at the top and it's great for tennis. I care more about my game and my health than the records," Federer said.

Beating Sampras records

Federer remembers what it was like to break Sampras records, and he thinks that he was a reference to Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

"At this point, that race may be more important to them than to me. It was very important for me to equal Pete Sampras' record and then overtake him." "When your break the record, then you just want to do your best after, which I also tried."

"For the two of them, I may be a reference as Pete was for me. I am in a different situation. I would like to keep all the records but the records do exist to break them." He believes that the most important thing is that no one regrets anything they have done in their career and that they can be satisfied with their successes that have been achieved through hard work.

"They are unreal, we all know that. I hope they will continue and that they will do everything they want, that they can look back and not regret anything when they finish their careers - that is what all three of us want and if that is the case, we will sleep peacefully, "said the Swiss.

His answer regarding the elimination of Novak Djokovic from the US Open after that unfortunate situation was also interesting. "He was unlucky at the US Open. Everyone knows that. Of course, there must be self-control. However, it can happen to almost anyone," Federer said when Djokovic excels tomorrow in the number of weeks spent at the top of the ATP list.