Tsitsipas: "Winning the Australian Open would mean everything."

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Tsitsipas: "Winning the Australian Open would mean everything."

Stefanos Tsitsipas is playing better and better. The best indicator of his good game is the semifinals of the Australian Open. Speaking to Greek DownTown, he talked about the Australian Open, Medvedev, and his goals At the Australian Open, Tsitsipas justified the epithet of one of the greatest talents and played phenomenally throughout the tournament.

He revealed how he felt after the Australian Open “Of course it’s nice to get to the semi-finals of the Australian Open and it’s a valuable thing, but to be honest I aim higher. This semi-final did not bring me as many emotions as the previous ones, but it is an excellent result."

"I’m getting close, in any case! I am happy that I can reach two consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals, it also helps me in terms of adding ranking points. There are many advantages to it”. Tsitsipas believes that he must raise his level in certain matches.

Medvedev took advantage of his mistakes and managed to win. “Work! To build up my game so that it’s more complete, without the weaknesses that Medvedev brought out of me on the court, showing that he has the upper hand throughout the match.

"I have to face these players in order to win a Grand Slam. That day I was not ready, I was not able to go out and stand against him. I know that Medvedev will be an opponent that I will face many times in the future and I will definitely come up against him in important matches or Grand Slams."

"Therefore, my game has to be built up, so that I can face players of this level. When I can go toe to toe with players like Daniil, who has such a complete game, my own level goes up as well”.


The journalist was interested in whether Tsitsipas has pressure when he comes far in the competition and whether he fantasizes about the trophy.

“When you reach that point, you always get something like that in your head, it’s hard not to. Because it is the dream of a lifetime and you suddenly realize you are quite close to making that dream come true."

"For me, winning the Australian Open would mean everything, mainly because my grandfather won the Olympic medal in 1956 in Melbourne (Sergei Salnikov, a Russian footballer), at the football arena that’s 50 meters from Melbourne Park."

"Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to meet him, he passed away at a young age. I wish I had the chance to talk to him! Every match I play there I dedicate myself to him and, honestly, it pushes me to want to show something more and play well in Melbourne”.

It was also interesting to ask Tsitsipas if he noticed the support of famous actor Russell Crowe in the semifinals. “I did see something on Twitter… It would be different if I had met him in person or if I was a fan of his."

"For example, 7-8 months ago I sent a message via Twitter to Ed Westwick, because he starred in a TV series that I liked very much (note: he is referring to Gossip Girl), and I was telling him we could play tennis. He answered me just now, a little late! I’d say that was interesting to see”.