Roger Federer: "The most important moment of my career is ..."

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Roger Federer: "The most important moment of my career is ..."

After an absence of about fourteen months, the Swiss champion Roger Federer coem back to the ATP Tour and he starts again from the ATP tournament in Doha. The Swiss, winner of 20 Grand Slam titles, will have a tricky first match where he will challenge the winner of the match between Daniel Evans and Jeremy Chardy.

Before the tournament Federer wanted to organize a social meeting where for the occasion he dedicated himself to responding to some children. Here are his words: "I am thrilled to be back in this tournament, I played it for the first time in 2003 and it was very important even then.

It is a very important event in this country and I must say that I did not know it before as I did not know this city. Over the past 15 years Doha has developed a lot even if the essence remains the same. Now that I have returned I have realized how much he has changed, Karim Alami has been very important to the success of this tournament.

It's my first tournament in a long time, I'm curious to see how I will go, I hope everyone can follow the match." The Swiss tennis player then went on to talk about various topics: "My best memory on a tennis court dates back to Wimbledon 2003 when I won my first Grand Slam title.

It was a special moment, the day I realized that all the efforts made as a child were worth it. It was an incredible day for me, my staff and my family. Another very important moment was when I became number 1 for the first time, it was a few months later, in 2004 and that week was incredible, a feeling and a memory that will accompany me throughout my life."

On facing friends and rivals Roger clarified: "It's not fun to beat friends on the tennis Tour, you don't want either of us to lose but in tennis there are no draws. At the end of the match it's hard to give your opponent a high five, nobody who makes losing someone else can feel totally happy.

Sometimes it happens that you face the best and they are also your best friends, it is never easy to face them in this condition." The Swiss can't wait to play his first game of 2021 and on social media he uploaded all his fans by posting a photo full of hope and happiness.

Federer has in fact posted an image of him smiling on a tennis court and it is written: "The countdown to Doha begins. Only one week left." One of Federer's biggest fans is Rod Laver, who in a recent interview wanted to talk about him on the GOAT issue.

"Personally, I believe that Roger Federer is the iconic face of this era. I am not referring only to the records, but also to his impact, which helped to identify him as the best tennis player of all times. When I had the chance to speak with him last year, he told me that he would definitely play until he was 40 and more or less we got there.

Unfortunately, his knee has been giving him some trouble in the past few months. He has undergone a double intervention, we hope he will come back as strong as before. I think he has nothing more to say at Roland Garros, while at Wimbledon and the US Open he may still be a candidate for victory.

I don't think Roger is done winning tournaments. Djokovic and Nadal certainly have more time than Roger, so their numbers could be higher than Federer's at the end of their career. Djokovic is certainly on the right track, but also Nadal, who has Roland Garros on his side, where he has shown an unparalleled consistency."