Federer on Djokovic: "I enjoy playing against him."

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Federer on Djokovic: "I enjoy playing against him."

Monday, an important day in Roger Federer's career. That day he will hear the good and bad news Good, because the tournament in Doha is starting, where he will return to the court after a break of more than a year, and bad, because on that day Novak Djokovic will break his record and become the longest-serving number one in the history of tennis.

But Federer does not seem to feel any jealousy and is focused on himself and his successes Before the start of the tournament in Doha, Federer also talked about Djokovic. He gave the tennis king numerous compliments. "I enjoy playing against him.

I really think we always get the best out of each other. We have different styles, so who will win mostly depends on who will have the day, on what surface we play, what our matches were like before that." "You have to play the best you can against the best tennis players, otherwise it won't be enough for you."

"Especially against Novak, who can bring himself into the zone not to miss," Federer said.


By winning the 18th Grand Slam in his career, last month in Melbourne, Djokovic threatened to reach Federer's record for the number of those biggest trophies.

That is why the Swiss called him one of the greatest of all time. "Novak can also defend himself very well and be aggressive. He knows how to strike the right balance in the game. That is why he is one of the best tennis players of all time."

The rivalry between clubs, players have always brought positive results for both sides. The best indicator of this is the rivalry between Federer and Djokovic "It is always a pleasure for me to play against him and he is one of the players who made me a better tennis player.

It is a great thing that we have Djokovic in this sport, "said Roger Federer. The Swiss ace has not played since last year's Australian Open. He will be free in the first round of the tournament in Doha, and after the draw on the next steps, Chardy, Coric, Shapovalov, and Thiem in the final should be waiting for him.

Despite his age, the Swiss will be extremely motivated to show that he is one of the best tennis players in the world and will try to reach the trophy.