Roger Federer did not see friends and relatives during the lockdown

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Roger Federer did not see friends and relatives during the lockdown

"I have never seen my parents and friends. We take the Covid-19 global pandemic very seriously. And we had to explain it to the kids. The two girls are eleven now, they understood it immediately. The boys forgot it at some point," said Roger Federer during an interview.

The Swiss Maestro talked about the enthusiasm about the Game and he said he is even planning to learn a new language: “Children would have liked to come too. You are still talking about it. One of my daughters even wanted to learn Japanese," he said.

His daughters were not yet born when Federer won gold in doubles in Beijing 2008, while they were only three years old when he won the silver at the London Olympics in 2012. In fact the past six months have been full of emotions for Federer.

On the one hand, for the two surgeries on his right knew and the global pandemic of Covid-19 who forced ATP, WTA and ITF to stop the Tours untill 31 July 2020, canceling Wimbledon and the Olympic Games, the two most awaited events by the Swiss Maestro.

The forced stop due to Coronavirus has benefited in some way the former number 1 in the world, which will only miss a glimpse of the season while maintaining an excellent ranking thanks to the new system. As was already the case in 2016, the 20-time Grand Slam champion has decided to take all the time necessary to regain 100% of the form, which is why we will find him on the court at the beginning of 2021.

Roger will have Wimbledon and the Olympics as his great goals in Tokyo, postponed to next year due to the pandemic situation. In a recent interview with SRF, Federer analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on his family life. Federer did not take part in the Rio 2016 Olympics in because of a knee injury.

Roger will definitely skip the upcoming US Open while he is targeting to come back for the Australian Open. Federer’s coach Severin Luthi is so confident about Federer’s recovery that he conceded that they are even thinking about playing a tournament right before the Australian Open to get the feeling of competitions once again.

With health and safety being of paramount importance, Roger Federer will probably look to assess the overall situation before taking a final decision next year.

Roger Federer surprised two fans on the rooftop

The professional tennis has been on hold for the past five months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

All over the world, many enthusiasts and tennis lovers have shared interesting videos, showing their skills and gathering compliments from the leading figures of our sport. One of the videos that went viral included two Italian girls, Vittoria and Carola, who hit balls between two rooftops at home in Liguria.

Speaking about their favorite players, Vittoria and Carola picked Roger Federer as the one they would love to meet, praising the Swiss and his abilities on the court. Joining forces with Barilla, the 20-time Major champion Roger Federer decided to surprise the girls on the roof on July 10, making Vittoria and Carola erupt in enjoy, screaming and telling her grandmother who is with them out there.

Roger stayed on that roof while the girls went to the next one, exchanging shots and having fun before spending time during the lunch. Twenty days later, Federer has made another incredible gesture with Barilla, sending both girls to the Rafa Nadal Academy for the summer camp.

"Personally, for me, that was a very special moment in my career as a tennis player, to surprise a fan or children, like I was able with Carola and Vittoria today. It was great. I have played in many cool places around the world but this is definitely up there for me as a special experience," said Roger Federer.