Mutual Madrid Open 2020 at risk of cancellation!

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Mutual Madrid Open 2020 at risk of cancellation!

Mutua Madrid Open 2020 at risk of cancellation, according to several rumors. Rumors which said that the tournament organizers will be officially announcing its cancellation on Tuesday 4 August. The tournament was rescheduled to be held from 12th to 20 September and was part of the re-modified clay season that was to start that month, following the American swing in August-September.

However, an increase in Covid-19 cases in Madrid has put paid to these plans. On 1st August, the Mutua Madrid Open released a media statement in which it acknowledged that the Community of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid) had conveyed the risks of having the event given the second wave of Coronavirus infections in the city.

A press note said: "At all times, the organizers of the Mutua Madrid Open have valued the support of the competent health organizations in the Community of Madrid and have heeded the opinion of experts, while always reserving the right to make the final decision on the staging of the Mutua Madrid Open.

"During his interaction with media personnel on the side-lines of Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS), the Mutua Madrid Open tournament director Feliciano Lopez had said that the organizers would be taking the decision "two-three days"

Antonio Zapatero: "I don't think the Mutua Madrid Open will take place this year"

Coming back to the Masters 1000 in Madrid, Zapatero wanted to reiterate his position: "I don't think the Mutua Madrid Open will take place this year," said the Spanish deputy minister during an interview with El Larguero, who then told: “A few months ago, Feliciano Lopez told me that he was very enthusiastic and that he was organizing the tournament, scheduled for September 12-20, with a very exciting project.

Seeing how the situation is changing in Spain, however, Feliciano himself informed me that he is thinking of not playing the tournament. I believe the official press release will be released in the coming days." Yet another threat to the restart of the ATP Tour could soon become reality.

It is true that in the case of tennis we are faced with a global sport, a sport that mobilizes a large number of people from all over the world; but it is also true that with the right precautions and the right protocols, the situation could be managed in the best way.

Someone, perhaps more than someone, is forgetting a fundamental thing: if tennis does not start again, it could enter a crisis that is difficult to solve in the short term.