Medvedev: "Novak Djokovic is the toughest opponent I've ever played against"

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Medvedev: "Novak Djokovic is the toughest opponent I've ever played against"

Novak Djokovic acted brutally in the final of the Australian Open, he won against Danilo Medvedev with 3: 0, and the Russian gave his opinion on everything that happened. At the same time, he called Djokovic the toughest opponent he met.

He compared the current situation with the situation of Rafael Nadal after the final of the Australian Open in 2019 when Djokovic was also ruthless. "Novak Djokovic is the toughest opponent I've ever played against.

I played against all the members of the Big Three and they are fantastic. When they have their day, they are simply the best of all time. I think I feel like Rafa Nadal in 2019 after the Australian Open final." said Medvedev.

The question was also asked about whether Novak played very well or whether Medvedev failed. "There are positive emotions, but when I talk about the final, nothing turned out the way I wanted. It is very possible that it was due to the fact that Novak showed the highest level."

"When the opponent plays at that level, your game falls apart along the way. It often happens in my matches when I win. Now Novak has done the same but to his advantage. Too bad, but this is an experience and I hope that next time everything will turn out much better "

Psychological win

Many times Novak pointed to his head. "Novak broke me both tennis and psychologically. At one point it seemed like I knew what to do, but I didn't hit some shots, I was mad at myself, I talked to myself."

"I also broke my racket, it often helps. But this time it didn't help at all. In the end, nothing helped, and in the end, I got a "plate" for the finalist " Medvedev remembered the match against Filip Krajinović, in which the Serbian tennis player severely tortured him.

"The sun was not a problem. Filip played very cool, mostly at the level of TOP 10 players. I think he should be ranked better." "He played the fourth set as Djokovic in the final, he didn't give me a chance.

But I managed to make small tactical things, to approach the field and that changed the match. Maybe there is a difference between him and Djokovic " Medvedev will surely have to wait a few more years to reach the Masters because Djokovic looks too good for any opponent for now.