Tsitsipas: "I don’t think I would have had any energy to get back in the match."

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Tsitsipas: "I don’t think I would have had any energy to get back in the match."

Stefanos Tsitsipas was not dissatisfied after yesterday's match in which he lost to Medvedev. Medvedev was better in three sets with the result: 6-4, 6-2, 7-5 Stefanos Tsitsipas showed respect for Medvedev and is aware that Medvedev was a better opponent “Everyone saw what just happened out there,” Tsitsipas said, as quoted by tennismajors “He put out his show.

He became Daniil Medvedev for three sets in a row”. He also had a chance to win the third set and was not far from it, but it seems that it would not affect the final result “It didn’t really matter,” he said.

“Up to this point, even if I would have been doing well, I don’t think I would have had any energy to get back in the match. It was all in the first two sets”.

Tsitsipas praised Medvedev

Tsitsipas praised Medvedev and considers Medvedev to be one of the toughest opponents “Let me tell you that he’s a player who has unlocked pretty much everything in the game,” he said.

“He’s reading the game really well. He has this amazing serve which I would describe close to John Isner’s serve. And then he has amazing baseline which makes it extremely difficult." "So even if you return the serve, you don’t guarantee that you’re going to win the point.

You have to really work hard for it. “It’s difficult. Obviously, it’s not meant to be easy, otherwise, you know, he would be stuck at the futures level and not here." "So he makes it very difficult, and I’m sure all the hard work that he has been putting and the hours on the court have benefited a lot.

He tricks you. You know, he plays the game really smart. It’s really interesting to see that”. Tsitsipas also lost the third semifinal but it looks like that won't stop him from trying to reach the final again.

"It means the world to be where I am,” he said. “Playing in a semi-final is a difficult thing. I just need to find a way to get there and just be in the same state of mind. I’ve proven that I have the level to beat these players."

"It’s not that I haven’t, but as Stan (Wawrinka) says, “Ever tried, ever failed, no matter, try again…fail better”. So let’s hope for something better next time. I really hope it comes”.