Naomi Osaka won the Australian Open 2021 by beating Jennifer Brady

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Naomi Osaka won the Australian Open 2021 by beating Jennifer Brady

Naomi Osaka won the Australian Open 2021 by beating Jennifer Brady with the final score of 6-4 6-3. This is the twenty-first victory in a row for the Japanese and her second victory in New York-Melbourne, already won between 2018 and 2019.

With this result, Osaka returns to world no.2 for the first time since September 2019, while Brady will be # 13. The Japanese is the seventh to win the Slam downunder after saving match points. This is the seventh tournament she won in her career di lei out of 10 finals played.

Osaka is the first since Monica Seles to win the first four Grand Slams played, the fifteenth in the Open Era to win at least four Grand Slams. "I already said in New York that Jennifer would be a problem for everyone, I know you are working very hard, I think we will face each other many more times.

This trophy is for my team, we have spent a lot of time together during these weeks. Thanks also to the crowd, because having you here gave me great energy after playing the previous Grand Final behind closed doors," said Naomi at the end of the match.

In the press conference after the defeat at the Australian Open 2021 final, Jennifer Brady talked about her first Slam final, her ambitions, her rival and her future. She said: "It didn't go the way I wanted. I enjoyed every single minute of my first Grand Slam final.

And I hope there will be many more. Midway through the first set I started to feel the ball a little better but I don't think I will. I have played my best tennis, which I'm sorry. I believe I belong to this level. Winning a Grand Slam is an achievable goal, within reach.

I'm not used to giving myself deadlines, I would say it will happen when it has to happen. Without the quarantine maybe I would have won! I don't think she hindered me that much, but who knows. I think the Australians did a great job, I think they had zero cases.

We could have a normal life, go out for dinner, and that's something we haven't done in a long time. I don't want to leave Australia, but unfortunately I have to. I'm a little sad about this. Osaka played very well when it was necessary to do so.

When she needs it, she takes great shots. You did the same thing in New York, against me. She has faith in her service and is able to successfully play high-risk shots at decisive moments, which is why it is difficult to deal with.

She has played four Grand Slam finals and won them all, I think this is also difficult to do. She plays aggressively and puts a lot of pressure on you, which is something not all players can do. She knows what she has to do, she has faith in herself, in her game and in her team.

But I don't think she's a God! Maybe Serena is! Maybe Naomi will get there too. I don't know, but she obviously is a great tennis player. Although maybe we're not all that different."