Daniil Medvedev secured the final against Djokovic with a victory over Tsitsipas

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Daniil Medvedev secured the final against Djokovic with a victory over Tsitsipas

Daniil Medvedev played a great match at the Australian Open again and thus qualified for the finals in which he will play against Novak Djokovic. Medvedev was better than Tsitsipas and he won in three sets with the result: 6-4, 6-2, 7-5 “It was a great match to win in straight sets, especially with a tough third one,” Medvedev said.

“It is a great achievement, second Grand Slam final. Only positives to take from this match." After a long time, the crowd returned to the stands. Stefanos Tsitsipas had huge support, which was not enough for him to make it to the finals.

Medvedev showed his mental strength in such moments and still managed to win “Everything happened,” he said. “Crowd got behind him so it helped him to up his game a little bit. I got a little bit tight, not because of the score at all but more because of the crowd because, you know, when you’re used to playing with a crowd, it’s one thing."

" Nothing bothers you if you’re good mentally if you’re focused." “Marseille last year was the last tournament I played with a crowd, where it was full stadium…and (on Friday) they were going behind him more."

" And the game I lost just before my serves, they were going strong. So when you’re used to it it doesn’t bother you. Here it did get into my head. I’m happy that I managed to change my focus and change the momentum at the end of the third set”.

Tied wins

Medvedev has 20 tied wins and 12 of them against the top 10 players and he looks unstoppable. Now he faces the biggest obstacle and it seems that now is the right time to make his dream come true “It’s great to know this,” he said.

“It’s a pity that Roger is not playing. I would love to have played him. I just would love to play against him. I mean, to play against Roger is always a privilege. Against Novak, Rafa, Roger." “But it’s great to hear this.

I mean, happy about myself, because I remember one moment when I was already playing quite good I actually was struggling with the top 10 guys when I was maybe around the top 20 or top 30. It’s great to hear this and I’m really happy about it."

“I’m just happy that I managed to keep my game on top. For the confidence, when you beat everybody, it is just great, because I think people start maybe to be a little bit scared about you." "At the same time sometimes there are going to be some that are going to want to beat you even more. It’s a tricky situation, but I’m happy I managed to be on top in all those 20 matches”.