Australian Open 2021: Serena Williams and Osaka in a super-semifinal!

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Australian Open 2021: Serena Williams and Osaka in a super-semifinal!

After two years, UA champion and star Serena Williams finds Simona Halep and completely changes the ending at the Australian Open 2021. The very American champion, who plays a game of quality and above all of quantity, wins after just over sixty minutes with a double 6-3 and fits into Naomi Osaka's segment of the board.

It will be among other things the rematch of the Flushing Meadows final dated 2018. To add the twenty-fourth Slama pearl to the series of successes, it is likely that Serena will have to beat the top three players in the world.

Tactically, but also technically, the Romanian interprets the first fraction in a negative way. Especially since she can't find the spaces - and ways - to move the game sideways. Serena absorbs the situation, she does not immediately keep the advantage that she hooks on 2-0, but re-establishes the hierarchy during the sixth game and leaves just two points on the road with the service available in the next two serving rounds.

Thanks to the massive contribution of the US champion - who misses everything there is to be wrong - the world number two still manages to put her head ahead at 2-0 and then at 3-1. By squandering the available advantage in both cases.

Serena, who is growing, does not take advantage of the first five break points she has available during the seventh game, but with an extraordinary defense forces the Romanian to make a rather trivial mistake. Just the ninth of the game.

After an ace, the American applies the straight serve scheme to perfection and considerably files the number of baseline errors by forcing herself to 5-3. Called to serve to stay in the match, Halep completely disconnects the plug.

Su Wei Hsieh's wonderful Australian tale comes to a close in the quarter-finals. The sixth direct confrontation with Naomi Osaka - who on four occasions had at least dragged to the third set - turns out to be poor in twists.

The tennis player from Taipei fails to give unpredictability to the game and above all to create the conditions to win points on the first opponent. The final 2/25 tells pretty much everything. Osaka, who interprets prolonged exchanges in a practically perfect way, after a game of fourteen points (which gives the 4-1) splashes on 6-2 3-0 without particular difficulties.

The rest - leading to 6-2 6-2 - is a completely necessary side dish. For the Japanese it will be the fourth Grand Slam semi-final in her career: three victories in the booty.