Australian Open 2021: Rafael Nadal in the quarters!

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Australian Open 2021: Rafael Nadal in the quarters!

The seed number 16 of the Australian Open 2021 Fabio Fognini can do nothing against a Rafael Nadal who appears more and more in condition and who gets the pass for the quarter-finals where he will challenge the winner of the match between our Matteo Berrettini and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Match in control of the Spaniard who struggles only in the second set where he is forced to recover a break from behind. At the end Rafa closes in three sets with the result of 6-3; 6-4; 6-2 He immediately starts strong in the first set Rafa who takes advantage of Fognini's too many mistakes, two double fouls, and goes on to the second break point taking on 2-0.

The Italian struggles to find the measures while Nadal has a clear idea of ​​his race plan and implements it without problems. In the fifth game, Fognini also rises in performance, who collects a series of high-level points and achieves the counter break using the first of his two available chances.

Fognini struggles a lot, especially on the second serve and Rafa with the answer rises 4 to 2. Nadal appears in excellent condition, responds with tranquility to the services of Fognini who finds himself canceling another 3 break points (and set points) before going 5 -3.

Rafa does not slow down and controls the service with confidence by closing the first set 6-3. Constant difficulty for the blue with Nadal who earns a break point with a great right after a long exchange. The Ligurian cancels the chance and starts in the second set on 1-0.

Nadal easily wins his games, serves well and closes several games to zero while in every round the blue struggles to take home the service. In the sixth game, however, the Spaniard makes a couple of unexpected mistakes and is forced to cancel the first break point with his serve.

Double foul by Rafa and yet another forehand mistake brings Fognini on 4 to 2. Here Fognini misses several opportunities, suffers the break from a 30-0 lead and breaks down by making several mistakes. Nadal, as usual, never gives up and with a series of 4 decisive games closes 6-4.

In the third set Rafa gets the break immediately in the third game and flies away with Fognini who gives up and the Iberian tennis player who closes 6-2. It will be the Russian derby between Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev in the Australian Open quarter-finals.

The two have not really struggled with the Russian number 1 who closes the McDonald's practice in about an hour and a half, an American surprise arrived in the Round of 16 and Rublev wins by retreat against Ruud. Forward two sets to zero after just over an hour of play Rublev takes advantage of Casper Ruud's retirement, due to some abdominal problems. Marco Berrettini's withdrawal allows to Stefanos Tsitsipas to treach the last 8.