Australian Open: drunk fan raises her middle finger to Rafael Nadal!

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Australian Open: drunk fan raises her middle finger to Rafael Nadal!

Finally, the best players on the planet come back to compete in front of fans and crowds, finally the great tennis savors the cheers, the screams, the choirs and the joy of those who, after almost a year can return to follow their heroes in the stands.

And never mind if during a second round match of the Australian Open, the one between Rafa Nadal and the American Michael Mmoh, there is a scene never seen before starring a Spanish fan who probably was drunk, perhaps bored by the match, she decides to stage a show that is almost more interesting than the match itself.

The curtain happens during the second set, while the world number two is serving at 5-4 in favor of her. At this point the game is interrupted several times because a fan seems to be saying something to the Spaniard. But shortly after all those present realize that the viewer seems to be definitely high and after having babbled something she even turns the middle finger to Rafa Nadal while she was framed in live world.

Nadal's face was a whole program, a mixture of disbelief, surprise, pain and amusement. She smiled, playing down, while the latter was taken away by the stewards, asking first if the ugly gesture was actually aimed at him and then mimicking the gesture of drinking, as if to say that most likely the woman was drunk.

The referee stopped the game and tried to calm her down. Nadal began to dribble with his foot a little nervous, then once the game started again insults and even a middle finger started: at that point, new stop, intervention of the security and inevitable removal of the supporter from the stadium.

Nadal despite the unpleasant interlude, took home the match without problems, ending the match in three sets with the result of 6-1 6-4 6-2. In the next round I will face Britain's Cameron Norrie who won her second round match against Russian Roman Safiullin in four sets with a score of 3-6 7-5 6-3 7-6.

Rafael Nadal on his back problem

"The back problem is not under control, far from it. I continue to do what I can on the pitch, trying to find a way to keep things going. It was important to be on the pitch for a short time during these early matches, but I know time is running out.

I have been with this pain for 18-19 days and I am aware that if we do not find a way to eliminate it, it will be very difficult for me to achieve my goal here," explained a visibly felt Nadal. What seems to be clear, especially to the Majorcan, is that if his back does not improve he will have no chance of winning the tournament: "The evolution of the back problem is not satisfactory.

We have tried several treatments and tomorrow will be an important day because we will try to find the solution with new treatments. If they do not work, I will be at the limit because already in the third round the physical load increases.

With all the respect in the world for Mmoh, today was not a very tough match so I was able to finish the match without undue inconvenience by taking advantage of my cut service," said the Spaniard.