Mats Wilander is confident that Djokovic will win the AO

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Mats Wilander is confident that Djokovic will win the AO

Is it a good or bad sign when Mats Wilander says he is sure Novak Djokovic will win the Australian Open? Serbian is certainly a big favorite to win the title at the first Grand Slam of the season, his favorite, which holds the record for the number of trophies won.

And the legendary Swede, who was often not in favor of Djokovic in previous years, does not see who could prevent him from triumphing this year in Melbourne as well. Djokovic, of course, is defending the title in Australia.

"I would be very surprised if Djokovic did not win the trophy. It will be very, very hard to beat him. He has a chance to reach the 20th Grand Slam this year." "Moreover, in order to overtake Federer and Nadal, he will have to have a great year, because time flies and the younger ones are coming and they are more and more dangerous ", Wilander pointed out.

Pandemic situation

He admits that the whole situation around the coronavirus, quarantine, preparation, could have affected the outcome of the tournament. "It will probably have a significant impact on matches, but I don't think it will be crucial.

It is true that training in a hotel room is not ideal preparation for a tournament, however, the most important thing is the concentration on the field, what you have in mind. If someone has everything he went through during the quarantine in his mind even when the matches start, then he will not succeed.

" No tennis conversation about the season can pass without mentioning Federer. Many believe that this will be the last season in his career and wonder if he has a chance to win at least one more Grand Slam Cup. "He would have the best chances in Australia and Wimbledon, but he will not go to Melbourne.

If he doesn't have any physical problems, then Roger will have a chance in London, where he has always been a candidate for the trophy. " "Roland Garros and the US Open are much harder tournaments for him, but Federer certainly picked Wimbledon and the Olympic Games as the two most important goals of the season, and I expect some great results from him," Mats Wilander said The first Grand Slam of the season, the Australian Open, will start on February 8.

It will certainly be interesting to watch Djokovic and Federer and see if Federer can win the Australian Open and say goodbye in a phenomenal way.