Stan Wawrinka: "In December I was really sick"

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Stan Wawrinka: "In December I was really sick"

In a few days the Australian Open 2021 in Melbourne will begin, finally starting after weeks of controversy regarding the cases of Coronavirus positivity found on several direct flights to the southern hemisphere. Defending the title will once again be world number one Novak Djokovic, who won last year in the final over Dominic Thiem.

Recently, the Swiss Stan Wawrinka gave a very interesting interview to AFR.

Wawrinka: "I had a bad time"

The 2014 Australian Open champion confessed: “I'm trying to get fit. To tell the truth, I contracted the virus in December and for this I had to spend more than ten days at home, I completely lost all the work I had done during the off-season.

In the first five days I was really sick, but the symptoms remain and you feel tired every day, for a couple of weeks the situation remains like that and you wonder why. It was not a good experience, I had a bad experience at home.

Now I finally realize that I feel better, but the virus can make you feel very bad and it is important to be careful:" Wawrinka then continued: "The state of Victoria is doing well because it has had five or six months of absolute lockdown, so when we players come here as guests we have to adapt.

I had a nice room, I had the opportunity to train every day going out for five hours, the preparation went well and for all this I thank the organization, the commitment they put in to bring so many people here is huge."

The Swiss hopes to return to compete as soon as possible with the public: "I can't wait to try again this feeling of stress and emotion at the same time. This is why I am here and I am very happy about it."

Finally, the former world number 3 said: "Every year I get older and older, that's why I have to start putting the engine into action, I have to play games to gain confidence. You never know what happens. I hope to come back here again, but at my age and this point in my career it is really difficult to know what will happen in the next year or two, so I will try to push as much as possible in this 2021."