Full stadium in Adelaide for the performance of Djokovic, Nadal and Serena Williams

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Full stadium in Adelaide for the performance of Djokovic, Nadal and Serena Williams

A colossal work that involved the whole country, from health workers to tournament organizers, passing through the institutions so opposed in recent days, capable of doing their utmost for a wider good, that is the health of a people, which however had repercussions on many reality, such as the sports one.

Perhaps the modalities will have been more chaotic than expected, but thanks to Australia and the first images portraying the public at the stadium, the male and female circuits will be able to enjoy new life and inaugurate a new course that we hope will be repeated in Europe and in the other Continents as soon as possible.

Now the next step, perhaps the most complex but satisfying, will be to manage the turnout, which will necessarily flow in greater quantities, in the first slam of the season. A very stimulating challenge that could make this Australian Open even more spectacular.

Obviously there was no lack of comments from the protagonists, who say they are happy and satisfied with the great work that has been done. The first to congratulate was the American champion Serena Williams who in her inaugural match of this performance defeated Naomi Osaka in two sets.
It almost seems like a paradox, but it's all true.

Yes, the most heartening news has arrived from the country that in recent weeks has been at the center of numerous and burning controversies regarding restrictions, too rigid measures and many inefficiencies.

And at the Australian Open?

An almost historic moment to mark on the calendar, to be noted on the agenda of the most liberating news of the last months of tennis.

What is happening in Adelaide seems to have in a few minutes canceled, at least temporarily, the many discontent with which fans, tennis players and various insiders were living together. A full stadium, the smiles of the people (because the masks are no longer necessary there), the shouts of the fans, the applause of the fans: these are the news of the exhibition that is taking place in Adelaide these days.

Images that we had lived alone and only a year ago and that have given the world of tennis a reason for hope even more concrete and full of emotions. Tennis seems to have almost resurrected in Australia, the land of recent controversies, which could magically turn into the land of newfound hopes.

The first matches of the year, even if only of exhibition, could not have started in a more atypical way. Adelaide's performance was held this night with some of the best tennis players in the world competing to cheer the audience.