Australian Open: two new swab positive athletes

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Australian Open: two new swab positive athletes

Negative news continues to arrive in view of the Australian Open 2021, the first Grand Slam of the year which will begin on February 8th. Tennis players have already arrived in the oceanic continent but are facing two weeks of harsh quarantine to comply with the strict protocol set up by the Australian government.

The situation is not the simplest as reported by the latest rumors. Despite this, news emerges about new cases within the circuit. According to Victoria state officials, two tennis players who recently traveled to Melbourne to compete in the Australian Open tested positive for Coronavirus.

In their usual health bulletin published today, the Victoria Department of Health announced the positivity of three new people. According to state health executive Brett Sutton, we are talking about two men in their thirties and a woman in their twenties.

One of the three people would be a member of a tennis player's entourage. Everyone is now quarantined inside the hotel. Regarding the controversy over the conditions of the athletes, Sutton stated that it is impossible for some tennis players to be released early from quarantine, even in the case of negative tampons.

Australian Open in chaos

There is a lot of concern about what's going on around the tournament, but Tennis Australia has been trying to tone it down in the last few hours that tournament director and TA CEO Craig Tiley said: "There have been some successful tennis players with a slight viral load.

The numbers, which the state of Victoria will provide, are fortunately not high." Most of the athletes showed their annoyance on social media while others, albeit to a lesser extent, agreed on the strict rules dictated by the organizers.

Recently the world number one Novak Djokovic wrote a letter to Tennis Australia asking for certain requirements and help for tennis players, a choice much criticized by both the organizers and the Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

Realizing that public opinion could have turned against the current number 1 in the world, he wanted to clarify things by stating that Novak Djokovic had never sent a letter with specific requests as widely disclosed by the media, but the intent of the Serbian champion would be was to offer suggestions and ask for clarification: "Novak wrote a note.

They weren't required, they were suggestions. I understand what a two week block means. I think the complaints we see on social media don't represent the majority of players. For the most part, views on this sensitive organization are good.

After that I cannot deny that the situation is not the same for everyone. It's obvious. We will do our part to try to balance as much as possible," explained Craig, who once again proved to be an excellent mediator in protecting the health of the tournament with this release.