Novak Djokovic without a mask on the bus, Kyrgios: "He's a tool"

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Novak Djokovic without a mask on the bus, Kyrgios: "He's a tool"

It has been a while since Nick Kyrgios hasn't used his social media channels to openly criticize tennis players or insiders. In the past, the Australian player had become the protagonist of verbal clashes through posts and comments with some colleagues and coaches for issues related to the pandemic.

In particular, the boy from Camberra had been thinking about it with Novak Djokovic, especially after the outbreak that broke out at the Adria Tour last summer. And against Novak Djokovic, the current number 47 of the ATP ranking was thrown, after seeing the images broadcast by the Australian network 7 News that immortalize the world number one inside the shuttle bus that takes the players to the fields training, without wearing the mask during the journey.

The scene could not go unnoticed by a critical and controversial eye like that of Nick Kyrgios, especially after all the chaos that broke out since some tennis players who landed in Melbourne, had traveled on airplanes in which there were subjects who tested positive for the swab performed after landing.

Kyrgios against Djokovic

On Twitter, the Australian tennis player commented on the incident with a post, writing this sentence: "He is a tool, the image is ridiculous." He also shared the video in which Djokovic is perfectly seen sitting on board the bus that would take him from little by little to the field for the training session.

It is important to remember that this controversy occurs shortly after Nole Djokovic himself had written and sent a letter to Craig Tiley, head of Tennis Australia, in which he asked to mitigate the isolation of the 72 professionals who were on the flights in which a case had emerged.

positive for the coronavirus, attaching other requests to guarantee these tennis players, equipment to train in the room and a quality of food up to their professional sports level. He requests that have all been rejected by the organization, creating an even more tense atmosphere than one might have expected.

There is a real chaos in the state of Victoria, in Australia, between tennis players and citizens, after that few hours ago, the presence of two people infected with the Covid-19 virus was confirmed on the direct flight from Los Angeles, United States, to Melbourne, Australia.

This means that all players on the plane will now have to spend 14 days in solitary confinement in their hotel room, unable to carry out the training program. Unfortunately, the same thing also happened on another plane: it is the EY8004 direct flight from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne, on which a positive person was found in Australia.

Also in this case, the 64 passengers (including 23 players, especially from the WTA Tour) will be subjected to the same treatment, having now to spend two weeks in quarantine without being able to move. As reported on the Australian website The Age, it is difficult to avoid the impression that tennis players come here at the expense of Australians stranded abroad and exposed to the pandemic.

It's also odd that Victoria could find places for tennis stars as her residents are stranded in NSW and Queensland due to its harsh border closures. Health Minister Martin Foley said he understood the frustration of the Victorians stranded in Sydney or Brisbane, which are still considered red zones by the state government, but he didn't want to risk another outbreak in the state of Victoria.

He said: "I apologize for the dislocation this has caused, but I don't apologize for the principle of keeping Victoria safe and keeping Victoria open. More than 70,000 Victorians are trying to go home with the new state traffic light system, with thousands still stranded in NSW under current restrictions.

While Victoria reopened on Monday at NSW regional, Greater Sydney remains a red zone from which people can only travel with an exemption," the minister explained.