Tennys Sandgren travels despite the positive swab!

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Tennys Sandgren travels despite the positive swab!

Organizing a Grand Slam tournament in full pandemic is not easy. It becomes essential to establish very strict protocols and coordinate all activities and work with local government authorities. This is what Tennis Australia and the organizers of the Australian Open have done, and are continuing to do, which in the last few hours have been forced to face and solve yet another problem.

The protagonist of the new case is Tennys Sandgren, who last year missed an amazing chance, losing an unforgettable match Roger Federer in the quarter-finals in Australia, in what was one of the greatests matches of last season.

The Strange Case of Tennys Sandgren

The American player, despite having a positive result, took one of the charter flights to Melbourne. Once the controversy started, Sandgren wanted to clarify the incident through his Twitter profile.

The number 50 of the world explained that he contracted the Coronavirus last November 26, that he is now totally healed and therefore does not represent a danger to other people. Sandgren's tweets did not stop the various newspapers from providing their own version of the facts, and the management of the Australian Open intervened directly by publishing an official statement.

He wrote: "A lot couch virologists out there. My two tests were less than 8 weeks a part. I was sick in November, totally healthy now. There’s not a single documented case where I would be contagious at this point. Totally recovered!"

"Players may only enter Australia after a negative swab or with permission to travel as a case to be considered cured at the full discretion of the Australian government authorities," the statement read.

"Anyone who wishes to reach the Australian Open and has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past is required to provide additional and detailed medical information to prove that this is a resolved case and an individual no longer contagious and risky to the community.

In the case of Tennys Sandgren, who revealed he had already tested positive at the end of November, the medical record was analyzed by the health authorities of the state of Victoria. At the end of the review he was allowed to take the plane.

Any case of healing will follow this process to have the opportunity to travel to Australia. No one will be able to travel without proof of a negative test or without this special resolution issued by the authorities. Once there, all players will be quarantined for 14 days."