Bee attacks, Huge Showers: Alcaraz still in the Indian Wells final against Medvedev

The last two duels of Carlos Alcaraz had long breaks, and we saw scenes that we did not have the opportunity to see often on sports fields

by Sededin Dedovic
Bee attacks, Huge Showers: Alcaraz still in the Indian Wells final against Medvedev
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In the quarter-finals of a very tense Indian Wells tournament, Carlos Alcaraz found himself in unusual circumstances, having to contend not only with his opponents on the court, but also with unexpected factors such as bees disrupting the game, scenes we did not have the opportunity to see on sports fields.

In the semi-final, however, the challenge was quite different - interrupted by sudden rain that played out the match. However, even that did not deter him. Even when the last two matches were extended due to long breaks just a few games after the start, Alkaras remained undaunted.

During the break, he and Janik talked and laughed. "We were guessing what would happen in the final," said the Spaniard. "Maybe someone would jump on the court. It's really hard to start a match and then stop immediately, then start again.

It wasn't easy for me to warm up again, but now I'm happy. I didn't start well, but I finished the match on a high level." In the first set, it seemed that only Siner was playing, but that was the greatness of Alcaraz's victory.

Instead of faltering under the pressure, he made a complete turnaround, nullifying his opponent's dominant play at the start. Later, he himself admitted that he changed his tactics, which paid off in the end. "I changed tactics, but I don't want to reveal what it was, because we could play in Miami again.

I came back different, I was more defensive. I tried to return every serve and extend the rallies. That contributed to my feeling better on the court from the second set onwards."

Carlos Alcaraz of Spain returns a shot to Jannik Sinner of Italy during the Mens Semifinals of the BNP Paribas Open at Indian We© Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

Last year he celebrated a victory here as well, which further increased his satisfaction.

But the satisfaction was great because Alcaraz considers Siner the immediate best in the world. "Firstly, I'm happy to play in the final again. Second, I beat Janik, with whom I have a great rivalry. I also ended his 16-game winning streak, which is incredible for me." He admits that it was not easy to recover after the first set.

He admitted that he lost his morale after the first set, but he still managed in the end to win the tie with this year's great Sinner. "I'm always nervous when I play against Janika. I know I have to give 100 percent to beat him.

But I wasn't nervous because he was more successful in our matches, which gives me additional motivation. I always try to do my best against him, I think I did. We're tied for wins now, so the next time we play, I'm not going to dwell on that." He is also pleased that his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, is back on the stand.

Ferrero missed Australia due to a minor injury, and has definitely had a positive impact on Alcaraz during this tournament. "It's very important that he's here. We've been together since 2017; we've come a long way. Although I don't think it's so crucial that he's in every tournament, it doesn't make me play better or worse." At the moment when he secured a place in the final, he did not know the name of his next opponent.

But he says he wouldn't mind playing with Medvedev again. "If it's Medvedev, I know what to do. We've played a lot of matches and even met in the final here last year. I know what tactics to use against him. I've played against Paul a few times as well, and we both have two wins each.

It would be a tough match. He's very fast and has great shots." A few hours later, he found out that the final will be a rematch of last year's duel. Medvedev again in the final, and we will see this year how he will finish this duel.

During the tense moments leading up to the final, Alkaras remained focused on the task at hand, knowing that facing Medvedev again would be no small feat even though he says he is used to playing against him. Bearing in mind their previous encounters,
a strong psychological preparation is needed for a young Spaniard.

Maybe by winning this tournament, he will regain his shaken confidence and start playing like he did a year or two ago, This year, we watched a truly extraordinary Indian Wells, and because of the unexpected things, it will be remembered.

Each match presented its own unique obstacles, from unexpected stoppages to fierce competition. Unlike the Australian Open and the disappointing elimination at the beginning of the tournament, this time his coach is back. With his coach by his side once again, Alkaras felt confident again when he took the field.

His mentor's support and guidance have been invaluable throughout his career, providing him with the tools and motivation to rise to new heights. And the two mentioned tournaments are certainly proof of that.

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