Bizarre scenes in Indian Wells: A swarm of bees attacked Alcaraz

We watched something that has not yet been recorded by the cameras, and Alcaraz admitted after the match that he is afraid of bees

by Sededin Dedovic
Bizarre scenes in Indian Wells: A swarm of bees attacked Alcaraz
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Carlos Alcaraz convincingly defeated Alexander Zverev with a score of 6-3, 6-1 and thus secured a place in the semi-finals of the Indian Wells Masters. The match started uncertainly, both tennis players were winning games, but then something unprecedented happened on the tennis and sports courts.

A huge swarm of bees invaded Stadium 1, turning the camera recording the court into a hive of bees and forcing the tennis players to retreat. Scenes unfolded like from horror movies, and in the end everything ended with jokes and laughter.

Only after local "bee killer" Lance Davis vacuumed up the bees and removed them from the stadium did the players return, albeit with some hesitation due to the few remaining bees. The bees were incredibly aggressive, so several spectators and tennis players were stung.

Beekeeper Lance Davis removes bees from a Spider Cam as play is suspended between Carlos Alcaraz of Spain and Alexander Zverev o© Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

"It was weird. I was trying to keep my nerve for tennis when we got on the court.

We were watching the bees. We knew it was going to be awkward, that buzz was uncomfortable, and that's what this will be remembered for, not so much the match. But it was it's a great match. I was focused in the dressing room, and I think I did well before the start," said Alcaraz.

After the expert removed most of the bees from the stadium, the players returned to the field, but Alcaraz hesitated to start the warm-up for the match. "I'm not going to lie, I'm afraid of bees. I saw a few of them in the warm-up.

I didn't give 100% at the beginning of the match with the bees behind me and that frustrated me a bit. But I said come on, let's try. And when the match started again, I focused on the game," admitted Alcaraz. Alcaraz looked impressive against the player who eliminated him from the Australian Open.

"I'm very happy with the level of my game and the way I used the dimensions of the court. It's crucial for me and my game that the opponent doesn't know what's next. So I varied my shots in different ways. It's a bit confusing for my opponents.

It's my style, my game and I'm happy that I'm good at it," said the Spaniard and then he looked back at the unusual incident that happened. "Probably the strangest match I've played. I won the third game and was about to serve when I saw bees.

At first I thought there were only a few, then I looked up to the sky and saw hundreds, some of them on my hair. One stung me stung. It was crazy, I started running in all directions to save myself. There were more bees around the corners and they were bothering us.

We tried to get warm, but I saw them and I couldn't concentrate. I was more careful that I'm far away from them than how I hit - said the "guy from Murcia".

Alexander Zverev of Germany and Carlos Alcaraz of Spain watch as bees are removed from the stadium during the BNP Paribas Open a© Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

Alcaraz will meet the undefeated Italian Yannik Sinner, this year's Australian Open champion, in the semi-finals.

The match between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev at the Indian Wells Masters showed the exceptional tennis skills of Alcaraz, who is returning to his recognizable form, but it also became memorable because of the unexpected interruption.

This unusual event, which temporarily stopped the game, added a unique twist to an already exciting game. As the players battled it out on the court, exchanging games in the opening set, spectators witnessed an unprecedented sight: a huge swarm of bees descending on Stadium 1.

The bees quickly took over, turning the camera recording the action into their makeshift hive and disrupting the flow games. It was a sight rarely seen in the world of sports — a natural phenomenon disrupting a high-stakes sporting event.

Fortunately, the quick action of Lance Davis, a.k.a. the "bee killer," helped defuse the situation. Armed with a vacuum cleaner, Davis worked diligently to remove the bees from the stadium, ensuring the safety of both players and spectators.

His efforts allowed the game to continue, albeit with some initial hesitation from the players, who were understandably wary of the bees' lingering presence. The Spanish tennis player commented on his next opponent, Janik Siner, and expressed his admiration for him.

"Sinner is currently the best tennis player in the world, it will be a big challenge. Honestly, I don't even know how to approach this game. Janik is really playing phenomenally, he is undefeated in 2024. I enjoy watching him play a lot.

It will be a big challenge for me . I lost the last two games to him, so I have to adjust a bit. In any case, it will be my hardest game so far in the season," Alcaraz said.

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