Daniil Medvedev's Bayern Munich Interesting Story: A Fan Since Age 6

Daniil shared that his strong connection with the team started when he was about 12 years old

by Sead Dedovic
Daniil Medvedev's Bayern Munich Interesting Story: A Fan Since Age 6
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What is known is that many tennis stars, in their free time, follow football and have a club they support. One of them is the brilliant Russian tennis player, Daniil Medvedev. In an interview with Eurosport, he revealed that he has been a big fan of Bayern Munich since childhood. 

Although Bayern Munich is far from the team we are used to seeing, Medvedev, along with other fans of the club, is confident that things will improve for Bayern in the future. One footballer who particularly impresses the Russian tennis player is Harry Kane.

The Englishman has proven to be a fantastic addition to the Bayern team. Even when he was a player for Tottenham Hotspur, many European clubs inquired about him. Kane ultimately decided to join the Bavarian giant and try to secure trophies. However, it seems that the experienced Englishman will not succeed in winning trophies this season.

"Harry Kane is amazing - in my opinion, he's playing so good. I played fantasy so I saw it already in Tottenham - the guy is a machine. The way he controls the game is pretty surprising for someone of his complexion [profile], in a way for football.
We see playmakers, usually bit smaller guys, and the one that can go with the body. So yeah, he's a big, big player."
-  Medvedev said, as reported by Eurosport!

Harry Kane
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Bayern Munich has an imperative for victory against Lazio: Quarterfinals on the horizon?!

Bayern Munich will play against Lazio tonight in the Champions League Round of 16. It will be a chance for Thomas Tuchel's team to try to advance to the next round. Lazio managed to defeat Bayern Munich 1-0 in Italy, with a goal from Ciro Immobile. It's not an impossible gap to overcome, but Bayern is aware that they must give their best and enter the match with focus like never before. 

Medvedev emphasized how competitive the Champions League is this season, just like in previous years. The Russian tennis player confirmed what many think: Manchester City and Real Madrid are the main contenders for winning the Champions League trophy. However, what makes the Champions League special is the unpredictability factor; it's hard to predict what might happen. The excitement that has always characterized this competition is what has made many fall in love with football.

"Champions League, we have Real Madrid, Manchester City that are going very strong - they showed it [in their first legs].
But I think what is good about Champions League, in my opinion anyone can win it.
Inter were so close last year to winning it, and now in a way are even kind of in the favourites group - but I think last year after the group stage, they were nowhere close to being the favourites.
That's why Champions League is nice, it's two matches, penalties, in my opinion anyone can win it, so I will just watch it and enjoy."

Daniil Medvedev revealed when he started supporting Bayern Munich

Daniil shared that his strong connection with the team started when he was about 12 years old. Even earlier, at 6 years old, he already had a liking for Bayern, especially during their successful period. He remembered urging his parents to watch Bayern play. Around the age of 12, as he got more into soccer, he decided it was time to choose a team to support regularly.

While supporting CSKA Moscow when he was younger, he realized they were not frequently participating in the Champions League, and when they did, they often faced defeats. Wanting a European team to cheer for, he remembered his positive feelings for Bayern and declared it as his chosen team to support and be a fan of. Considering that Medvedev was born in 1996 and was 6 years old in 2002, it's clear where his sympathy for Bayern comes from. This period saw Bayern's domination with players like Mehmet Scholl, Giovane Élber, Stefan Effenberg, and others. Medvedev immediately realized that this would be the club he'd support in the future.

The Russian tennis player, over the years, started feeling more connected to Bayern Munich, the most successful German club. Bayern Munich has a rich tradition and a large fan base.

The last time Bayern won the Champions League was in 2020. Although many have written them off this season, thinking they have no chance of achieving such success, we know that German clubs can surprise, and their mentality is truly something special. They don't give up even when things are toughest. It will be interesting to see if Bayern can advance to the next round tonight and potentially go all the way. Many are not optimistic about it, but let's wait and see.

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