Protest in Zurich due to Federer's greed: Brand 'ON' at the center of the scandal

The public's dissatisfaction culminated due to the high price of the sneakers compared to the consumption during the production that takes place in Vietnam

by Sededin Dedovic
Protest in Zurich due to Federer's greed: Brand 'ON' at the center of the scandal
© Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

Swiss tennis icon Roger Federer has come under fire for his ownership stake in the "On" brand, with prices being too high compared to production costs in Vietnam. The French newspaper "Mond" harshly criticized Roger Federer, accusing him of greed, referring to the article of the "K-Tip" portal, which dealt with the prices of "On" brand products.

The essence of the problem lies in the fact that "Cloudtilt Loeve" sneakers can be bought online for 470 euros, while the cost of their production is about 22 euros. "Their actions are contrary to the moral values that the company stands for, such as noble values, human rights and social impact.

However, seamstresses in Vietnam feel none of this. What about the fact that they appear modestly in the media, when their management received awards of almost 18 million euros per person in 2021," states the Swiss newspaper "NZZ" on the same topic.

The controversy further escalated after the protest of the "Kampax" organization, whose activists staged a gruesome performance in the center of Zurich. One activist wore a Federer mask while sitting at a sewing machine, while another activist spilled red paint to symbolize blood.

"According to information from the 'ON' brand, workers in that company earn a maximum of 260 Swiss francs per month, all under extreme pressure to meet demands and with countless hours of overtime. However, in Asia, the 'fair' base salary is set at 450 Swiss francs francs per month, which is far above that!

Sign our petition and demand fair and transparent wages for employees in that production chain," the activists demanded. Currently, On brand equipment is used by Iga Swiatek, the top ranked tennis player in the world, as well as Ben Shelton, a young American tennis player.

The controversies surrounding Federer's brand raise important questions about ethics in production and the responsibility of public figures, especially when it comes to Federer, who enjoys the popularity of the public because of his modesty. We will see what will be the reaction of the brand itself as well as of the legendary tennis player.