Jannik Sinner: A Star on the Rise

"It's a long way to number one on the ATP list"

by Sededin Dedovic
Jannik Sinner: A Star on the Rise
© Julian Finney / Getty Images

The global and Italian media have found themselves captivated by the unexpected increase in marketing potential surrounding the 22-year-old tennis sensation Jannik Sinner, following his extraordinary victory at the Australian Open.

Despite this newfound attention, Sinner remains grounded and focused on the challenges ahead in the upcoming season. Although Siner can now boast the title of Grand Slam champion, he currently holds the fourth position on the ATP list, slightly behind the third-placed Daniil Medvedev because Medvedev also received a lot of points for entering the final.

Undeterred bn his ranking, Sinner's statements reflect a sense of humility and determination to continue to develop as a player. "When things are going well, you always want more. However, I will remain silent, we are working towards our goals.

My dream has always been to win a slam title - now I know how it feels, and we will work to make it happen again. The best thing now is to I'm back on the field and working. There's a big difference between the top 5, top 3 and number 1.

I'm currently fourth," says the Italian calmly. Sinner's acknowledgment of the huge challenge posed by world No. 1, Novak Djokovic, was particularly surprising. He defeated Djokovic in the semifinals and knocked him out of the Australian Open, but he shows great respect for one of the greatest ever.

"Novak is in a different league compared to me, and I'm extremely happy with this one," Sinner said. Sinner, a native of San Candido, has secured an impressive 11 singles titles on the ATP Tour. One of the most intriguing aspects of his recent success is his dominance over Djokovic, who is considered perhaps the best tennis player ever.

Sinner has emerged victorious in three of their last four meetings, something that has rarely been done in recent years in tennis. Although the Italian young hope may have "unlocked" his marketing potential, this is definitely just the beginning of a great career.

This is how Djokovic and Federer started and then created fairy tale careers. With mature thinking and the potential he have, this season promises to be marked by Janik Sinner.

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