Andy Murray harshly rips a journalist who criticized him!


Andy Murray harshly rips a journalist who criticized him!
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The Scottish tennis player Andy Murray responded very harshly to a BBC reporter who dedicated a post to him on X.

The sports wrote: "It has been an incredible journey from an extraordinary man. And it has been a real privilege to witness much of it. All good things come to an end, of course. So how much longer will it take for Andy Murray to call it a day?"

It should be remembered that Murray, who is 36 years old, started the year with two early eliminations, in the first round at the Australian Open against the Argentine Etcheverry and also this week at the ATP 250 in Montpellier, a tournament in which he lost to Benoit Paire , with the Frenchman having not won a match at ATP level for a year and a half.

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But Murray replied with a decidedly very harsh post. Which makes us understand the difficult period he is experiencing but in which he states that he has no intention of throwing in the towel. "Do me a favor. I'm in a terrible time, I'll give you that. Most people would walk away and give up in my situation right now. But I'm not most people and my mind works differently. I won't give up. I will continue to fight and work to produce the performances I know I am capable of,” said the Scot.

The bad moment which Andy Murray is going through

The choice of the moment in which to say enough and retire is always very difficult for an athlete. And this obviously also applies to tennis players. Cyclically when you reach a certain age and inevitably the results are no longer those of the past, the question is asked by the press to those directly involved.

And it also happened with Novak Djokovic after the defeat against Jannik Sinner in the semi-final of the Australian Open and it often happens with Andy Murray too. The Scottish player, capable of winning three Grand Slam tournaments (US Open 2012 and Wimbledon 2013 and 2016), in the Federer-Djokovic-Nadal era,

Andy Murray