Nick Kyrgios Predicts Grand Slam Success for Jannik Sinner in 2024

Kyrgios complimented his maturity and character, highlighting his behavior after winning the major title.

by Sead Dedovic
Nick Kyrgios Predicts Grand Slam Success for Jannik Sinner in 2024
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Jannik Sinner delighted tennis fans by winning the final against Daniil Medvedev. Sinner looked impressive throughout the entire match, although many did not give him hope that he would actually do such a feat. The young Italian surprised everyone at the Australian Open by winning against Novak Djokovic. Especially his comeback is great. 

Nick Kyrgios had only words of praise for Sinner and his performance. Kyrgios has been following the Italian for a long time and has noticed that he has made huge progress lately. The fact that Sinner is 22 years old says enough that he has a lot of room for improvement.

"Jannik Sinner, what an effort. It was incredible how much his level raised in the third, fourth and fifth sets. He found his forehand. I’m just so happy that I was a part of it and could call it.
I was there calling his matches towards the end of the year, against Novak in Turin and then at the Davis Cup. I thought that this guy was going to ask some serious questions and was soon going to be knocking on the door.
I saw the improvement on serve and elsewhere, and the maturity he has at such a young age is something that I never have, or had, to get over the hump."
- he said, as quoted by

Nick Kyrgios shared his belief that the mentioned player would win a Grand Slam in 2024, possibly at the US Open or the ongoing tournament. Kyrgios emphasized the importance of this achievement, stating that it represents a step forward in the player's career. 

According to Kyrgios, this recent victory is expected to propel the player to even greater success, with the anticipation of winning several Grand Slam titles in the upcoming years. 

Given that the Italian is a relatively young player, no one doubts that he will achieve great success in the coming period. This kind of victory can only be a motive for the 22-year-old Italian. It will affect his confidence since he realizes that he can fight with the best.

Jannik Sinner
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Kyrgios complimented his maturity and character, highlighting his behavior after winning the major title. 

Kyrgios looked at Sinner's personality, describing him as a very nice person with a strong determination for success.  

He suggested that this recent triumph is just the beginning for the player, emphasizing his eagerness to continue achieving important milestones and pursuing more Grand Slam victories. There will be many challenges ahead of him, and this kind of victory gives optimism that Sinner can do great things in his career.

Tim Henman noticed even last year that Sinner had progressed a lot. He expected that 2024 could be a great year for him. Although Alcaraz was the dominant figure last year, Sinner's qualities had to come to the surface. When you are such a young player, it is necessary to achieve a victory like this, which will be a wind at your back. Herman, as well as other experts and legends of this sport, believe that this is a great chance for Sinner to continue at the same pace and show the world what kind of talent he is!

"I felt that he could win a major in 2024 because Sinner had just been in such impressive form and you felt like there were so many aspects of his game that were improving all the time. Winding the clock further back to 2023, you felt that it was Alcaraz that had raised the bar and was the youngster that would dominate. At the end of last year, he didn’t play quite as well, but Sinner was the talk of the town. The first opportunity of 2024, he really has stepped up, producing the goods when he was up against it, and he thoroughly deserves it."

Mats Wilander reacts to Jannik Sinner's victory

Mats Wilander thought it was a smart move to have Darren Cahill as Jannik Sinner's coach because he has successfully coached other top players.  Cahill has shown many times in his career that he is a great coach who can direct a player on the right path. Sinner had and will have the chance to learn a lot from him.

Wilander believes that Sinner's good attitude and his nature, possibly influenced by Cahill, played a crucial role in his victory at the Australian Open. The two have a great collaboration, and winning the Australian Open is the best indicator of that.

Wilander pointed out that Sinner stayed calm and composed during tough times in the match, and this helped him make a comeback without getting nervous.

The mental aspect is crucial in every sport, especially in tennis. Sinner has shown a mental strength at the age of 22 that many do not have in the late stages of their careers.

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