Pope Francis praises Jannik Sinner

In addition to the praise received from colleagues and athletes, the young Italian received beautiful words from the Pontiff

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Pope Francis praises Jannik Sinner
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Among all the messages of esteem received by Jannik Sinner after his triumph at the Australian Open 2024, there is a very special one, which perhaps the young Italian tennis player was not expecting. And we are not talking about a message from a colleague like Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal, or from an athlete, but rather from Pope Francis.

Jannik Sinner's Australian Open victory reached everyone. Even the Pope, in an audience in the Vatican with a delegation from the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona, took the opportunity to congratulate the Italian tennis player for the splendid success achieved in Melbourne.

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Pope Francis also appreciated the interview given by the Italian during the awards ceremony after the first Slam triumph of his career.

"Sport offers opportunities for the growth of every person and society. In tennis it would seem that the challenge between players has above all to do with the desire to prevail over the opponent, but in reality, since its English origins, it is an expression of the founders' openness to what good could come from outside and to a dialogue with other cultures," the Pope said, as reported by Vatican News.

Pope Francis shares beautiful words for Jannik Sinner

"In tennis, as in life, we cannot always win, but it will be an enriching challenge if, by playing politely and according to the rules, we learn that it is not a fight but a dialogue that involves our effort and allows us to improve.

Conceive sport a little not only as combat but also as dialogue. There is a dialogue which, in the case of tennis, often becomes artistic. On the playing field, as on that of existence, sometimes we feel alone, other times supported by those who play this game of life with us.

But, even when we play alone, we are always in the presence of the Lord who teaches us what respect, understanding and the need for constant communication with others means," explained Pope Francis.

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