John McEnroe: I was amazed at how flat Novak Djokovic came out

"When I played those young kids like [Pete] Sampras and [Andre] Agassi, I was inspired to stop playing quickly."- McEnroe said.

by Sead Dedovic
John McEnroe: I was amazed at how flat Novak Djokovic came out
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Many were surprised when Novak Djokovic lost in the semifinals of the Australian Open to Jannik Sinner. Now, Sinner is going to play against Daniil Medvedev in the final, which was unexpected by many. Even though Djokovic was expected to win against the Italian, he couldn't show his usual skills.

After the match, Novak Djokovic expressed his disappointment with his performance, saying, "I was, in a way, shocked with my level, in a bad way." Djokovic went on to explain that he didn't do many things right in the first two sets, considering it one of his worst Grand Slam matches in memory.

Even though playing below his usual standards was not a pleasant experience, Djokovic gave credit to his opponent, Jannik Sinner. He stressed that Sinner performed better in every aspect of the game. Djokovic's comments show that he is aware of his performance and appreciates his opponent's skills in the match. 

Serbian fans noticed that Novak was not up to par. However, this kind of defeat doesn't have to mean anything. Djokovic is certainly still a top player, who has great ambitions for the continuation of his career.

Sinner mentioned after the match that Djokovic didn't play as well as he usually does, but he still respects him a lot. John McEnroe is impressed with Djokovic's mindset and approach to the game. Despite playing against younger opponents, Djokovic stays motivated to be the best and remain at the top of the sport.

"The changing of the guard - when was that going to happen? We keep waiting for it. Djokovic has played Sinner, [Carlos] Alcaraz, he's risen to the occasion. And he was inspired, he said, by these players."- McEnroe said, as quoted by

At some point in his tennis career, John McEnroe noticed that younger and more talented players were entering the scene, leading him to decide to retire. However, players like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal don't seem to have any plans to stop playing. Djokovic has proven multiple times that he can still compete with younger players. Even after a recent loss, many tennis fans still consider Djokovic as the number one player in the sport.

"When I played those young kids like [Pete] Sampras and [Andre] Agassi, I was inspired to stop playing quickly, because those guys were too good, so I give Djokovic a lot of credit.
But I was amazed at how flat he came out and how it was Sinner - when would you have thought that Sinner would move - for me - better than Novak Djokovic in a best-of-five-set match."

John McEnroe on Novak Djokovic's mentality

John McEnroe was really impressed when Novak Djokovic faced a tough situation in the match. Despite losing a crucial point, Djokovic was able to gather himself and win convincingly in the fourth set.

McEnroe pointed out that Djokovic's mental strength was the key factor. Even when he was so close to winning, Djokovic handled the pressure well and even got the crowd involved. 

John McEnroe
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McEnroe talked about the challenge Djokovic faced, having won the tournament ten times before, and how he managed to stay focused and competitive. It shows Djokovic's strong determination to succeed, making a big impression on McEnroe.

McEnroe believes that this great tennis player did not go to bed, but wanted to see who would play in the final, Medvedev or Zverev.

"I would bet my life savings that he was up to see who won that match [between Medvedev and Zverev]. He didn't go to bed, he was glued to see who he would play in the final."

Tim Henman shared his thoughts on tennis players Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner, stating that Alcaraz is considered the most complete player, showing various skills on the court. Meanwhile, Sinner is recognized as the player who has improved the most recently.

Henman points out Sinner's outstanding progress in the last few months, highlighting his impressive results. Sinner's record against top-ten players is noteworthy, having lost only once in ten matches against them. 

This strong performance has boosted Sinner's confidence as he heads into the upcoming final. According to Henman, Sinner's recent success and solid record against top players make him a highly confident and formidable competitor in the final match.

The match between Sinner and Medvedev will bring a lot of excitement. It is difficult to predict at this moment which of the two could win, but both of them can certainly put on a show. Medvedev knows how to play the final, but Sinner is in great form, and many give the young Italian an advantage. Whoever wins, we will certainly enjoy a great match.

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