Australian Open: A 'Miracle' Move of the Ukrainian and Russian Woman/VIDEO

It is not the first time since February 2022 and the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine that we have watched a duel between tennis players from these two countries, but it is the first time that the players shook hands after the match

by Sededin Dedovic
Australian Open: A 'Miracle' Move of the Ukrainian and Russian Woman/VIDEO
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Since the Russian aggression against Ukraine began in February 2022, the world of sports has witnessed numerous conflicts between the athletes of these two nations. However, a recent tennis match brought a surprising twist to the ongoing tension, as Ukrainian player Elisaveta Kotlar shook hands with her Russian opponent, Vlada Mincheva, after their match.

This case caused strong reactions all over the world, but mostly in Ukraine, where Elisaveta's compatriots were outraged by her act. Since the beginning of Russian aggression, a strong norm has been created, where Ukrainian athletes are allegedly forbidden to be polite and talk to competitors from Russia and Belarus.

Nevertheless, Kotlar's sporting behavior caused amazement among a number of the public, because with this gesture she put sport before politics and war. The 16-year-old tennis player, after losing in two sets with a score of 6:2, 6:4, caused discussions about the role of sportsmanship in the midst of geopolitical tensions.

Konstantin Kotlar, Elizaveta's father, admitted that she was wrong because she shook hands and that his daughter's actions caused a stir in the public. In a statement, he revealed: "Lisa is only 16 years old and has no real experience yet at such important competitions as the Grand Slam tournaments.

Events like this put a lot of pressure on athletes, and at the beginning of a career it's challenging to navigate this nerve-racking environment. Unfortunately, my daughter did not feel calm after the defeat, her emotions came to the fore, so she did not fully control her behavior.

She automatically did the ritual after the match and shook her opponent's hand, not realizing that behind the net was the representative of the country that performed the goal. an attack on our homeland." Kotlar continued to explain that after the match, Elizaveta, in an automatic response, extended her hand to Minchova without understanding the political context.

"She did not fully control her behavior, her emotions took precedence. This was a mistake that Lisa is very sorry for and assures that she will never allow it to happen again. She is a sincere patriot of Ukraine, and will remain so in the future," he said.

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