Minnen and Van Uytvanck's officially engaged!

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Minnen and Van Uytvanck's officially engaged!

The love story between the two Flemish tennis players Alyson Van Uytvanck and Greet Minnen has been known to the public and the tabloids for some time, having also experienced the moment of maximum fame a year ago during the 125K in Karlsruhe, when a mocking draw put one against each other, the other in the first round: it is not every day that you have to face your wife, girlfriend, husband, family member in a professional tournament, or at least we don't think so.

Alison, the clear favorite on the eve of the much significant match, won in three sets, and when the challengers usually declare the fight over with a handshake the two exchanged a tender kiss, which should be normal to the point of not arousing any curiosity and that instead it blew up the counters of social views to the surprise of those concerned.

“We wondered what was going on,” Van Uytvanck said quietly, “because in one day we ended up with a thousand more followers each. We didn't understand the reason for all that media exposure for a simple kiss, but the incredible hustle and bustle also had positive implications: about a month later, in New York, a man approached us to thank us, letting us know that our gesture l 'he had encouraged people to declare their homosexuality publicly, taking a great weight off their shoulders."

Now Alyson and Greet decided to formalize their relationship through Instagram, on the occasion of Christmas Eve. The tennis players, both Belgians, shared on Instagram a photo of them embraced with the engagement rings on their hands highlighted.

The two got a lot of compliments on the pic, also by the WTA Tour official Instagram account. Greet Minnen commented on the photo by writing "She said yes" referring to the response he received from his partner regarding the engagement question and using the hashtag #loveofmylife.

Alison Van Uytvanck instead posted the same photo with the comment "Engaged" and wishing Christmas wishes to her followers. Alison and Greet have been together for about five years, the first rumors about the couple came in January 2018, when Alison Van Uytvanck shared a photo with Greet writing these words: "Two years of love for you"

The Sport World News team wishes Greet Minnen and Alyson Van Uyvanck a very happy engagement and a great future!