Dominic Thiem has only one goal next year and that is to win key trophies

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Dominic Thiem has only one goal next year and that is to win key trophies

Dominic Thiem won his first Grand Slam trophy in his career this year and now the hunger for the second is unstoppable. Thiem wants so much to continue winning the biggest trophies in the world of tennis that even the first place on the ATP list is a secondary thing.

In 2020, the Austrian showed that he has grown into a player who can fight for cups on both concrete and clay, and that is why he is looking forward to the new season, to start fighting for new trophies. Thiem seems to have a huge desire to win the trophy and will have a huge motivation to win one of the key trophies next year.

Given his talent and form, we can expect something like that to happen. The Austrian still young champion will need a bit of luck, knowledge sometimes is not enough, but no one doubts his courage

Thiem priorities

"It doesn't matter to me where I am in the rankings.

My absolute priority is the Grand Slam trophies. If I didn't win a trophy at the Grand Slams or at least play in the finals, that year would be unsuccessful for me" "I would also be satisfied to be fourth on the ATP list, and to win some of the four biggest trophies ", Thiem sad for the Austrian TV Servus.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Dominic has no desire to sit at the head of a tennis caravan for once. "When I am already number three, of course, there is a desire to get to the first place. But it's not as big as winning a Grand Slam trophy.

" In 2020, the team played in the final of the Australian Open, won the US Open, and was a semifinalist at Roland Garros. He believes that the time has come for the other players to start winning the biggest trophies, in addition to the big three.

"Maybe next year all four Grand Slams will be won by Djokovic and Nadal, maybe Federer as well. But despite that, there are increasing chances that there will be other winners. That is why my title at the US Open was important to others, to see that it is possible to win it next to the three of them, "Thiem pointed out. The first Grand Slam in 2021 will be the Australian Open, which will be played from February 8 to 21 in Melbourne.