A Season of Promise: Carlos Alcaraz Shares Insights and Aspirations

Carlos Alcaraz returns to the Australian Open after he had to withdraw a year ago due to injury problems, the young Spaniard made a lot of interesting claims to the press

by Sededin Dedovic
A Season of Promise: Carlos Alcaraz Shares Insights and Aspirations
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Spanish tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz, currently seeded second, recently addressed the media at a press conference ahead of the Australian Open. The young talent expressed his excitement for the tournament, discussed his upcoming match against Richard Gasquet and shared insight into his preparations and goals for the season.

A very interesting interview where Alcaraz revealed everything that interested journalists.

Facing Gasquet and aiming to challenge Djokovic

Alcaraz will face Richard Gasquet in the first round of the Australian Open, but his aspirations go beyond just the opening matches.

The Spanish player openly expressed his motivation to reach the final and potentially face the great Novak Djokovic. "Yes, it's a big motivation for me. I always want to play against the best, to see what my level is. It's a good test.

To play against him in a tournament where he's almost undefeated... I hope we play in the final. But when I know that statistic, it's a great motivation for sure," said the Spaniard.

Motivation to play against the best

At the press conference, Carlos Alcaraz emphasized his desire to play against top competitors and the best of the best, to which he belongs.

Alcaraz believes that such matches provide a valuable opportunity to evaluate and improve his own game, and he proved once again that he is confident in his abilities, even though last year he did not really prove his mental strength in the second part of the season.

Excitement for the upcoming season

Looking ahead, Alcaraz expressed his excitement for the upcoming season, hoping it will be as successful as the previous one. Acknowledging the need for improvement in certain areas. "Excited for this year, I hope it's as good as last year.

I have to improve on the things I didn't do well. This year is going to be good." He also tried to answer the question why he is the only player of the new generation who won the Grand Slam titles. And he evened out a little to this journalist's question, as if he didn't expect it, but he again showed a great deal of respect for his opponents.

"I don't know why I won two Grand Slams and they didn't. They are in a good position to make big results. But I do not know"

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Preparatory challenges

Carlos Alcaraz revealed that last season's late finish prompted him to prioritize rest and recovery during the off-season.

He emphasized the importance of a proper pre-season in order to prepare physically and mentally for the demanding tennis calendar. And we remind you that he did not play the previous two tournaments. "We finished the season late.

I was on vacation, to rest my mind and body as well. I talked to the team that we need four, five weeks of preseason to get ready. We didn't have time. I didn't have time to play the tournament before AO. I came directly here. I think I'm ready to do a good job here." A year ago he had to give up due to injury problems, and now he is rested, ready to be a big headache for all his opponents.

Absence of Juan Carlos Ferrer

One notable change for Carlos Alcaraz in Melbourne is the absence of his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrer. The Spanish player expressed the difficulty of competing without the guidance of Ferrer, who is a constant presence in his team.

We will see how this will affect the young Spaniard, and he himself admitted that it will be very difficult for him without him. "It's hard not to be with him. He travels to almost every tournament, I think he missed one or two last year.

It's going to be hard without him," Alcaraz admitted.

Tribute to Alex De Minaur

Inevitably, local media questioned Alcaraz about his thoughts on Australian player Alex De Minaur, who recently beat Novak Djokovic. Alcaraz praised De Minaur, acknowledging his impressive skills.

"He is very good. He has a good serve, he beat Novak a few weeks ago, big players in the United Cup. I think he will reach the final stage and of course he plays in front of his home field. " Alcaraz recognizes De Minaur as a powerful opponent and expects a competitive game from him.

Djokovic himself, who was defeated by De Minaur, expressed his respect for the Australian and said that he will be a very difficult opponent for all tennis players at the tournament.

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The young Spaniard's desire to face top players and overcome challenges shows his dedication to constantly improving his game and behavior, and it seems that Alcaraz has become much more serious than in previous years.

The absence of Juan Carlos Ferrer adds an additional layer of complexity to Alcaraz's path, but he remains focused on leaving his mark on the tournament, of course it won't be a surprise if he reaches the very final because, along with Novak Djokovic, he is among the 3 favorites to win this prestigious Grand Slam tournament.

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