Australian Open 2024: Novak Djokovic's Strategy, Insights, and Expectations

The Australian Open starts tomorrow, and the best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, had a big interview with the Australian media

by Sededin Dedovic
Australian Open 2024: Novak Djokovic's Strategy, Insights, and Expectations
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In the world of tennis, there is one name that stands out, a name synonymous with greatness - Novak Djokovic. The Serbian tennis maestro, often called the best player in the world, recently addressed the media ahead of the Australian Open.

Djokovic, a multiple champion at the prestigious tournament, shared insights into various aspects of his game, physical condition and goals for the upcoming season. Djokovic started the press conference by expressing confidence in the condition of his wrist.

Despite the concerns raised during the United Cup, the Serbian assured everyone that his wrist was fine. He talked about being the biggest threat to himself, emphasizing the mental aspect of the game. "I am the biggest threat to myself, that's always the case, and then so are all the other best tennis players in the world.

Some are expected more than others, but this is a slam, 128 players," Djokovic began the press conference in English.

Schedule Changes:

This year, Australian Open organizers decided to start the tournament on Sunday, deviating from the usual Monday start.

Djokovic sees this change as a potential positive, as he wants to avoid late-night matches during the first week. "It could have a positive effect. That is one of the reasons to start on Sunday. Roland Garros also starts on Sunday, this will help to organize the schedule better so that there are no too late matches.

Let's see how it turns out". Novak Djokovic shared his love for Melbourne, a city that has special significance for him. Djokovic admitted that he visits places that bring him joy, such as the botanical garden. "I'm not superstitious, but I like to visit some places where I feel good and that have brought me happiness - for example, a botanical garden: that's where I ground myself, hug the trees, enjoy being with nature.

I don't know if this is the secret of success in the last 15 walks, but I feel good. I also like to walk along the beach, to jog. I stay mostly in South Jara, it's calmer there, which is important during slams, which are challenging emotionally, mentally and physically.

I like to isolate myself a little more then, to be able to get away from it all and relax"

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Thoughts on Alex de Minaur

He spoke highly of his Australian colleague Alex de Minaur.

Djokovic acknowledged De Minaur's recent wins against top ten players, describing it as a significant achievement for the young Australian. Next came the question about the wrist, which troubled Djokovic at the United Cup, especially in the duel with the aforementioned Australian.

"My wrist is fine. I had time from the last match until now. I'm training well, there's no pain during training, we'll see how it goes. It's not as serious as the injuries I had in 2021 and last year, those were worse injuries.

I can't predict if he will come back, we have to see". "De Minor beat me, Fritz and Zverev for the first time in the top 10, a big thing for him. It didn't surprise me, I know he's capable of great things - he's improving, he's one of the fastest on tour, a complete player, versatile.

Hewitt also leads him mentally, they have a similar style of play. There is a chance he can go far in this tournament," Djokovic told Australian media. Djokovic repeated that the wrist is not as serious as the previous injuries he faced.

He expressed optimism about the recovery process and emphasized the importance of monitoring the condition and adjusting accordingly during the tournament.

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The Quest for the Golden Slam

As Djokovic looks ahead to the Australian Open, the elusive Golden Slam remains on his radar.

While he has openly shared his goal of winning every Grand Slam, he stressed that his immediate focus is on starting the season with a win in Melbourne. Djokovic hopes to repeat the high level of performance he showed at the 2023 Australian Open.

It's no secret that I've verbalized my goals and that I want to win every Slam, but I'm just hoping now that I can start the season with a win in Melbourne. This is the field where I have achieved great things. I hope I can be close to the level I showed last year, that was one of the highest levels I showed here.

It's been a long year, first Melbourne, then everything else," concluded Novak. Novak Djokovic's press conference provided a valuable insight into his mindset and preparations for the Australian Open. As he strives for another title in Melbourne, tennis fans around the world are eagerly anticipating to see the power of this tennis legend on court.

Djokovic's journey promises to be exciting, and the Golden Slam remains an enticing possibility on the horizon. Unfortunately, his great rival and friend Rafael Nadal withdrew from the tournament, and besides Djokovic, the audience was eagerly waiting for the legendary Spaniard to return and for the two to meet like in the "good old days." Djokovic will now play Dino Prizmic in the first round on Sunday, where a routine victory is naturally expected, and Novak is certainly and definitely the biggest favorite to win this prestigious tournament.

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