Tim Henman compares Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic: Alcaraz can improve

"He's still so young. He's still learning."- Henman said on Alcaraz

by Sead Dedovic
Tim Henman compares Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic: Alcaraz can improve
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Speaking to Eurosport, Tim Henman had nothing but praise for young Carlos Alcaraz, who has been attracting attention since he turned pro. Although he believes that Alcaraz has a promising future, Henman stressed that the Spaniard still has a lot of room for improvement. The match against Novak Djokovic is the best confirmation of that.  The fact is that Alcaraz is a young player who will certainly improve in all fields in the next few years. Henman knows this very well!

“I mean, Alcaraz had an amazing year, winning his first Wimbledon title. He missed the early part of the year and he still finished No. 2 in the world. He was still in the race to finish No. 1 at the end of the year.
He's still so young. He's still learning. You reflect on what happened at Roland Garros in the semi-finals, where after two sets, he suddenly got a terrible cramp. And I'm sure that was from the sort of nervous tension that went with playing that match against Djokovic. So, he's still got a lot of areas that he can improve on.
He's got amazing all-round game, the versatility, but he's still so young. He's another one that just embraces challenges and he loves the competition."
- Henman told Eurosport!

Tim Henman compares Alcaraz to Sinner and Rune

Even though Alcaraz has a rivalry with Djokovic, Henman thinks he's closer in skill to Sinner and Rune. Many predict that these three could compete against each other in the future. Considering their abilities, everyone agrees that these players hold the future of this sport. Henman pointed out that Alcaraz and Sinner share a lot of similarities.  The fans are looking forward to the future of this sport and believe that Alcaraz will certainly be one of those who will dominate and achieve great success. The future holds great stories for this sport. We do not doubt that in the coming years, new talents will appear that could spoil the plans of Alcaraz and others!

“He has an element of a rivalry against Djokovic because they're completely different eras, but also, I think [he’s] almost closer to Sinner and Rune. Those are three guys that I think are going to play each other an enormous amount in the biggest and best tournaments. And that's so important for our sport. We love those rivalries.
It looks like when Sinner and Alcaraz have played, they've had incredible matches. They are different personalities. They've got similar games. I think Alcaraz has got a little bit more versatility but in terms of ball striking and power from the back of the court, Sinner is phenomenal.
I felt that Alcaraz was definitely a good step ahead of Sinner but the way Sinner played at the end of last year, I think Sinner has absolutely closed the gap.”

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