Nick Kyrgios rips Boris Becker: "You're ridiculous"

The Australian tennis player also underlined how no one helped him

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Nick Kyrgios rips Boris Becker: "You're ridiculous"
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Nick Kyrgios and Boris Becker are at war against each other. The current coach of Holger Rune could not stand the words from the Australian about the difference between the players of old and the current ones. According to Becker, Kyrgios would have belittled previous eras, highlighting the difference in speed between modern tennis and that of the past and citing first Becker and then Pete Sampras.

The Australian said that a champion like Novak Djokovic would have no problem in a hypothetical match against Sampras. Becker responded to Kyrgios on more than one occasion. In his last speech, the former world No.1 said: "There has never been so much money in circulation in terms of tournament prize money, there has never been so much publicity as there is today .

And this is thanks to the legends. I was part of it too in the 80s, but there were also Stefan Edberg, Mats Wilander. In the 90s there were Andre Agassi, Sampras. All these players allowed Nick Kyrgios to not play tennis and still make money."

Kyrgios attacks Becker

Nick decided to respond and was very harsh towards Becker. "Have I or have I not been one of the most followed players outside of the Big 3 in the last ten years? I have fans all over the world and I have definitely brought more people to the sport.

I created my own things off the court. Try not to hide these things,” he said in first post on X. "What? I was one of the few players who brought millions more fans to the sport and made more money for everyone. Netflix...

I don't remember seeing Boris there. You're ridiculous. I made a career off the field without anyone's help," he wrote in a second post on the popular social media.

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