Djokovic to CBS: They awakened the beast in me

Novak Djokovic spoke for CBS in a big interview that went around the world, we bring you the most interesting parts

by Sededin Dedovic
Djokovic to CBS: They awakened the beast in me
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Novak Djokovic, the world's top-ranked tennis player, recently gave an extensive interview to the CBS television network. In a wide-ranging discussion, Djokovic touched on various topics, both inside and outside the world of tennis.

Despite being significantly older than many of his rivals, Djokovic remains a dominant force in the sport. When asked how he stays motivated, he said, "I think they kind of wake up the beast in me." Djokovic is considered to have the strongest mental game in tennis, but he doesn't believe it's a gift.

"It's not a gift, it's something that comes with the job," he said. He elaborated further, explaining, "The difference, I guess, between the guys who can be the greatest champions and the guys who struggle to get to the top level is the ability to not dwell too long on those emotions.

For me, it's really real. relatively short." So as soon as I experience that, I admit... I might, you know, snap. I'm screaming on the field, whatever happens. But then I can go back and reset." The Serbian Ace is known for his passionate play on the court, which sometimes includes hitting the racket.

"I'm not proud of it. And I'm ashamed of myself when I do it, no doubt. But at the same time, you know, I accept myself as a flawed human being. The amount of pressure and stress is a lot more when you have the audience against you.

At the same time, actually more I enjoy being in an environment where, you know, I have good support," he admitted.

Controversy over the Covid vaccine

In addition to his numerous sporting achievements, Djokovic will also be remembered for his controversial decision not to get vaccinated against COVID-19, as a result of which he was banned from participating in the 2022 Australian Open.

"I had most of the world against me. I had such an experience on the tennis court with a crowd that might not have cheered me on, but I have never had this special experience in my life," Djokovic recalled.
He also spoke about his rivalry with Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal: "I'm playing against Nadal at Roland Garros, my dressing room is next door.

We're close, aren't we? We try to give each other space, but it's not big. And I hear him jumping like he used to at the beginning of every match. In the dressing room next to yours, you can hear him working short sprints. I can even hear the music he's listening to in his headphones.

You know that annoys me. I didn't realize at the beginning of my career that it was all part of the script, right? It scared me. But it also motivates me to do things myself and show that I'm ready, you know? I'm ready for battle, for war," Djokovic said.

, who is the most successful tennis player of all time with 24 Grand Slam titles. Djokovic ended the interview by reflecting on his career achievements. "Actually, many years ago I dreamed that my daughter and my son would be able to watch me win Wimbledon. It happened a few times. I was very lucky to experience it," he said.

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