Mouratoglou analyzes Djokovic's career with an amazing praise!

The French coach underlined how Djokovic is currently a better player than the 2015 version of him

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Mouratoglou analyzes Djokovic's career with an amazing praise!
© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Patrick Mouratoglou expressed himself on the GOAT issue, going in depth on some aspects of Novak Djokovic's career. According to the Serena Williams' French former coach, the version of Djokovic admired in 2023 is better than the one seen in 2015.

"It's interesting to make this comparison. I think today's Novak is better. His game has evolved, his confidence too, he's played many other games. He has much more height when he watches his game than he does when watching his opponent.

He didn't decline physically. If he had had a physical decline, the 2015 one would probably have been better. But I think his fitness level is the same. He is equally fast, flexible, balanced when he hits shots as well as durable.

So yes, I think he is a better player today," explained the Frenchman.

What is certain is that Novak's 2023 was superb

The season experienced by Novak Djokovic almost bordered on perfection. At 36, the Serbian champion has enjoyed one of his best years, having won three Slams (the Australian Open, the Roland Garros, the US Open) and the ATP Finals.

The tennis player from Serbia obviously finished at the top of the ranking ahead of Carlos Alcaraz, who kept the lead in the balance until the last tournaments. Only in 2015, 8 years ago, the world number one was able to achieve a similar result.

Even in that case Nole won three slams out of four, missing the appointment in Paris. Many have wondered what the best version of him was. There are different factions, those who say that a younger, physically fresher Djokovic was superior, others say that the current one is the best version of himself.

Of course, Nole will be the man to beat also in 2024: at teh Australian Open 2024 he will be the main favourite for the final victory, despite the young players who wants to dethronize him.