Carlos Alcaraz's revelation: "My hero is Rafael Nadal"

The young Spaniard once again highlighted his admiration for his legendary countryman

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz's revelation: "My hero is Rafael Nadal"
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2024 could be the last year of Rafael Nadal's career, a year that could see him on the pitch together with or against his countryman and heir Carlos Alcaraz. The current number 2 in the world has already achieved great results, he is very young but has already been number one and above all he has won two Grand Slam titles such as the 2022 US Open and this year's Wimbledon.

For Alcaraz and Nadal there was also talk of the possibility of playing doubles together at the next Paris Olympics, an event that all Spaniards are anxiously awaiting. Alcaraz himself gave an interesting interview to the microphones of LTA in these hours and talked about Rafa and his return to the court.

"My hero is and has always been Rafael Nadal. Ever since I started playing tennis I watched him and was entranced by him. It's true, I also watched Roger Federer, but for me he is always there It was only Rafa," he told. Alcaraz then recalled the first time he met his illustrious countryman: "I was 12 years old and I met him in Madrid.

I remember that we even took a photo," concluded the Spanish talent. Among tennis fans there is great curiosity about what will happen in 2024 with Rafael Nadal dreaming of winning again and perhaps becoming fully competitive again in Grand Slam tournaments and Alcaraz instead aiming to win other Slams and return to being number one in the world.

Meanwhile, in these hours Alcaraz took part in an exhibition tournament in Mexico City where he played with the American tennis player Tommy Paul.

Rafael Nadal's come back

After a long wait, the official confirmation has arrived.

Rafael Nadal will return to the court in 2024 and after a long injury he will return to the courts of a tournament in the ATP 250 in Brisbane, a competition which will be played in early January. The Spanish champion has been out due to a serious injury to his psoas muscle since the end of January 2023 and he hasn't taken part in tennis matches for almost a year.

Initially he was supposed to return for the Roland Garros but shortly before the Paris tournament Rafa announced that his problems were not over and in fact the situation was rather worrying. So he underwent surgery and after a long training session he announced his return to the court via social media.

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