Nick Kyrgios: Inspiring Hope through Mental Health Advocacy

Kyrgios is grateful to Murray for his help during his struggle with mental problems

by Sededin Dedovic
Nick Kyrgios: Inspiring Hope through Mental Health Advocacy
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In a recent interview, Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios opened up about his struggle with mental health issues and thanked fellow tennis player Andy Murray for his unwavering support during a particularly challenging time.

Kyrgios, who has been open about his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, revealed that Murray noticed signs of self-harm on his body during training a few years ago. Kyrgios, known for his unconventional style and outbursts on the court, has often found himself in the media spotlight.

However, behind the headlines, he struggles with inner demons that have affected his mental health. Recounting his encounter with Murray, Kyrgios acknowledged the impact Murray's intervention had on him. "Andy has always been a big fan of mine," Kyrgios said.

"As soon as I got on tour, he kind of saw the work in progress and took me under his wing." He went on to explain that Murray's concern for his well-being extends beyond casual conversation. "He saw and asked: 'What is that on your hand?' It was pretty bad at that stage," Kyrgios recalled.

Nick is support and hope for many people

Kyrgios' openness about his mental issues has not gone unnoticed. He has become a beacon of hope for others facing similar challenges, offering support and encouragement to those who feel alone in their struggles.

"I think I helped a lot of people when I talked about it openly and posted it on social media," he said. "I was almost a beacon for people who were struggling." Kyrgios's willingness to share his experiences has led many troubled people to reach out to him now that he's publicly overcome a rough patch.

"That's the most powerful thing in my career, people come to me with real problems." Kyrgios said he is proud to be able to support others who have mental health problems. The support Kyrgios has received from Andy Murray and the wider tennis community has undoubtedly played a significant role in his road to recovery.

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